Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Cheese: King Island Dairy

For this next cheese I'm heading back to King Island and featuring a featuring a new product from their Discovery line: King Island Dairy Discovery Brie Rolle

Brie Rolle

It's a Brie but presented in an unusual way - as a long roll

brie rolle

It still has that traditional covering of white mould shielding a butter-coloured interior

slice of Brie Rolle

This hasn't been out of the fridge for very long and it's still a few weeks away from being fully ripe so it is firm but there are hints of a creamy interior visible .

It's evident that it's been designed to fit neatly on a cracker, even so, it shouldn't be dismissed on the basis of a marketing ploy. I found the cheese to be quite rich with excellent levels of fat that give you that enjoyable creaminess in the mouth. The rind is delicately flavoured with earthy scents.

Since King Island Dairy is a larger brand, you should be able to find this at larger supermarkets.

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Check out their website for more information: King Island Dairy


  1. I actually like this more practical brie- it looks like it would be fabulous at its peak, and for me it means more of the rind, which I personally like!

  2. Hi Haalo, I hope you are felling better my friend. Regarding thsi Fabulous Brie: How do you know that it still needs few more weeks to be ripe?

  3. It seems like it would be easier to store - I just hate losing brie to the plastic wrap or container I store it in!

    I was wondering how you know about the ripeness too . . . should brie you purchase need to ripen more?

  4. I've not mentioned this before I think - I really enjoy your product reviews. And we live in the same country, so I have a high chance to find the products, such a bonus. I think I have a pretty good palate but I can't always find the words to describe what I am tasting (except for wine! LOL).

    King Island Diary cheeses are my fav. big brand cheese maker. I've not seen this at the supermarket, but then again, I haven't been in the cheese and cracker mood for many weeks now (what??? I know...). Similar to Rose, I am curious to know how will I know if a brie needs more time to ripen?

  5. Thank you for the question!

    There's two signs of ripening in a cheese like this, a soft white mould cheese - it's the feel in the hand, does it feel soft and squishy or does it have resistance and the state of its rind - has it started to break down and discolour or is it a pure white.

    Helpfully Cheesemakers put a "best before" date on cheese and that is the date you should aim to eat it. If you buy from a specialist shop they should know which cheese is at its peak, they should be asking you when you want to serve the cheese.

    With this particular cheese the best before date is 18th September - you can see the rind has started to discolour and when I held it, it was firm but you could feel that the core was softer (cheese ripens from the inside out).

    It is interesting to note that supermarkets tend to discount their cheese that is close to the best before date - so you can find bargains for cheeses that are at their best.

  6. Thanks! You're a cheese whiz!

  7. Thank you Haalo. You are the best!

  8. Thanks Nora and Rose!


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