Monday, August 13, 2007

Mixology Monday XVIII

The Intoxicated Zodiac Blog is hosting this edition of Mixology Monday and in celebration of the astrological sign of Leo, the theme is Orange.

As Paalo is a Leo I have a handy guinea pig to try out this orange concoction. He is very partial to Cointreau so its use would be mandatory and rather than using regular orange juice I decided to take advantage of the fresh blood orange juice I have at the moment. To give the drink a little more kick, one more ingredient was needed, Lemon Vodka.

blood orange martini

Blood Orange Martini

30mls Lemon Vodka
15mls Cointreau
fresh blood orange juice

Place ice in a shaker and add the lemon vodka and cointreau - shake well and strain into a martini glass.

Top with a little blood orange juice to taste.

Blood Orange Martini ©

The verdict from the Leo - Two Paws Up!

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  1. Hi Haalo, it's good to have willing volunteers around :-) I don't have lemon vodka, but I do have some homemade lemoncello left (potent stuff!). Wonder if that might work as a substitute.

    It was superbly warm this weekend, and perfect cocktail weather, then it got cold again today. Oh, and I discovered a new (to me) type of citrus fruit - Minneolla Tangelo (a cross between a mandarin and a grapefruit, or something like that). Very juicy and tangy.

  2. Hi Nora - I'd give lemoncello a go it should be quite a refreshing mix. Tangelos are fabulous and make the best caprisoka, I'll keep an eye out for that variety.

  3. Thanks Haalo. In that case, I think that I will make it tonight since I just finished a big report and need a celebratory drink, I don't care that it's a Wed night :-)

    I love carpirinha and caprioska. Your tangelo one sounds great. But I won't be able to use the minnello tangelo because it's like a mandarin orange (for peeling, not slicing). I'm really enjoying it and will have to buy more soon because the harvesting period is very short, only about 2 mths.

  4. Sounds like a great tangelo, hopefully I'll find it before the season ends!


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