Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Heritage Honey

During my meanderings around Prahran Market I've come upon many interesting things and this is latest find is no different.

Much like Miellerie, Heritage Honey also hails from Tasmania but it is based in the Lenah Valley, south of Hobart. Only in operation since 2003, they now have 240 hives and are Tasmania's only certified organic honey producer.

natural Leatherwood comb

The honey I'm looking at today is their natural comb Leatherwood.

Leatherwood Honey Comb

On lifting the lid, there's that unmistakable aroma of Leatherwood, there's a certain spiciness in its scent.

Leatherwood Honey Comb

The honeycomb is quite fine and surprisingly delicate and when eaten along with the honey adds a creaminess to its mouth feel. It's certainly not the indigestible element that some may lead you to believe.

What did surprise me is how clear the honey is - what I'm used to with Leatherwood is a cloudy quasi-white coloured appearance. Perhaps that is a reaction to the filtering process.

It's a most interesting honey and certainly would be a talking point over breakfast - served on toasted fruit bread it's hard to beat.

toast and honey

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  1. That looks so good,
    God I'm drooling!

  2. That's just plain scary, I made myself some fruit bread smeared with leatherwood honey only the other day. I bought the stuff in Waitrose a while ago and posted about it at the time. It really is a great honey, very opaque as you say, and so fragrant with spice. You should try heating some in a pan until it's loose and runny, and drizzling it generously over Greek yogurt. Warning: you will end up eating it all in about 30 seconds!

  3. I love how simple that is, yet, as you say, would be remarkable to most guests you'd serve it to.

    It's been a long time since I've commented - years? So 'Hi'!

  4. Thanks Cindy - it's an excellent honey.

    Hi Trig - that sounds devishly good! I've got another leatherwood to post about soon.

    Hi Kevin - it has been a while close to a year I think. Hope all is well with you.

  5. oh that looks fantastic! i walk by the honeycomb at my farmers market every week intimidated. i'm going to pony up next time, yum!

  6. Thanks Aria - I hope you do give it a try!


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