Saturday, September 29, 2007

Weekend Herb Blogging #102

Ulrike from Kuchenlatein is the host of this edition of Weekend Herb Blogging and once again I've been tempted by something new at the market.

Sicilian citrus

These rather unusually coloured citrus I spied at the Turin Market immediately got my attention and I knew I just had to try them. Some of there eaten but some have made the journey with me to Florence.

Unfortunately I can't give you an exact name as yet as I've seen them referred to as various things but they are clementine like - there's some acid to cut the sweetness, a bit like a lemony orange. On a warm day, they are very refreshing.

I can now give you a name - they are Miyagawa and they originally come from Japan but are now grown in Sicily.



The Florence market has been full of wonderful fruit so I thought why not make an Italian style fruit salad - Macedonia di Frutta using these refreshing citrus fruits with the best of the days market finds.

macedonia di frutta

Macedonia di Frutta/Marinated Fruit Salad

strawberries, halved
raspberries, hulled and left whole
wild strawberries, left whole
peaches, diced in bite sized pieces
white grapes, halved
fig, cut into bite sized pieces
silician citrus, peeled and cut into half, then broken into segments
melon, cut into small dice
fruit juice, I used a mix of apple and pear
Prosecco, sparkling white wine

Naturally enough you can use whatever fruit you like - this is just what I used. Try to cut the fruit into even-sized pieces

Place all the cut fruit into a sealable bowl then pour in the fruit juice and Prosecco - use enough to just cover the fruit. Make sure you taste and adjust the proportions to suit you.

Chill in the fridge to allow the fruit to macerate.

You can serve this with ice-cream, cream or yoghurt but when in Italy, use gelato!


In this case it's a lovely Fior di Latte Gelato from a local Gelateria (in case you're wondering the dark one is Nocciola, a hazelnut gelato)

macedonia with gelato

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  1. It sounds wonderful. I wonder if Ilva or one of the other bloggers from Italy will give us the name of that fruit?

    I was only in Italy for three days and I only had gelato once. Big mistake!

  2. Mmmmm...nocciola's #2 on my fav list.

  3. We have these in the middle east also- except they are even more green on the outside and yellow/orange inside, really stunning!
    I can't remember what they're called in arabic, it begins with a "y." Someone once told me they're related to bergamot, but I don't know if that's true.

  4. That looks and sounds wonderful. Thanks for your WHB submission

  5. Thanks Kalyn - I'll do another check of the market when it's open and get a name. Only once - what willpower!

    What's #1 Kevin?

    Hi Mercedes - I've noticed they are losing their green the longer I've kept them,

    Thanks Ulrike!

  6. Oh...those fruit look very similar to a lime sold in Tonga. We were there just recently, and I was gobsmacked to find they were orange inside. they also have other limes with different colour combinations. How curious!

  7. Hi, I'm from the Philippines, we have those kinds of fruits, here we call it "dalandan", it's a sort of mix between an orange, a lime and mandarin oranges. They're usually eaten here as snacks, and if you find them a bit sour, you can add salt. But i find them great for juice - just add water, sugar and ice.

  8. Hi Cath - I wonder if they are related to the Miyagawa?

    Thanks Katwo - the juice would be most refreshing.

  9. *sigh* the fruits look amazing...and it just so happens those are my two favourite gelato flavours hehehe

  10. Thanks Elena - less fruit next time and more gelato ;)


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