Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cappellaci with Sage Burnt Butter Sauce

For this weeks Presto Pasta Night I'll be using a type of giant pasta - these freshly made Ricotta and Spinach stuffed Cappellaci.

cappellaci© by haalo cappellaci© by haalo

With such a substantial pasta you really want to have a simple sauce and I thought nothing would be a better made then a Burnt Butter and Sage sauce.

cappellaci with sage burnt butter sauce© by haalo

Cappellaci with Sage Burnt Butter Sauce

good butter
fresh sage leaves

I'm fortunate enough to be able to use Italian butter for this recipe

italian butter© by haalo

and it always strikes me just how white this butter is and it has an almost sweet taste to it.

italian butter© by haalo

When choosing your sage leaves, try to use a variety of sizes, some small, some medium sized but leave the extra large leaves for other uses.

sage© by haalo

To make the sauce couldn't be easier - you do need to use a generous amount of butter. Place the butter and the sage leaves into a skillet and allow to melt under a gentle heat. If you do it correctly you'll find the sage leaves will actually crisp up by the time the butter starts to brown and will have also infused its flavour into the sauce.

As soon as it has reached that nut brown stage, remove it from the heat. Place the cooked and drained cappellaci into the pan and give it a little shake, turning the cappellaci over once or twice.

Place onto a serving dish, drizzling over a little more sauce and the sage leaves.

cappellaci with sage burnt butter sauce© by haalo


  1. that sounds so easy...and yumm!!! burnt butter, who would turn that down?!!

  2. Anything pesto has my mouth watering. Delicious!

  3. Other than your gorgoeous pasta dish you know what stands out? Your real butter...yum!

  4. It's hardly possible, but every Presto Pasta Night entry is better than the one before. Awesome photos, awesome ingredients, awesome dish!!!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. Classic sauce. It's been too long since I've had it, so I'm going to get up, and go pick some sage!

  6. Thanks Marie!

    It was Snaplings!

    Super easy but very delicious Nabeela

    Thanks Kelli.

    Yes Peter, that butter is the star.

    Thanks so much Ruth, that's so nice of you to say.

    Anytime is a good time for this Kevin - you need to make it more often

  7. One of my favorite sauces - in my opinion, almost perfect for almost everything! It's one of the reasons I grow sage. Your butter is very interesting....
    Occasionnally I add a bit of garlic or Parmesan...but not often!

  8. OMG I love LOVE LOVE sage burnt butter sauce (particularly with pumpkin ravioli) but this looks divine. I love your photography too.

  9. Hi Katie - burnt butter sauce is so hard to go past and the sage just puts it into the divine.

    Thanks Delicieux - I actually make a version for pasta with either roasted pumpkin cubes or roasted sweet potato cubes, they both are vegetables that work really well with the sage.


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