Saturday, October 27, 2007

Weekend Herb Blogging #106

Pille from Nami-Nami is our lovely host for this edition of Weekend Herb Blogging and I'll be revisiting a favourite ingredient - Zucchini Flowers

Zucchini Flowers

These are male zucchini flowers as they have a stem rather than a baby zucchini attached to the flower.

For those that grow zucchini I have read that picking the flowers will not affect the crop size so you can pick the female flowers without sacrificing a full sized zucchini - the plant will just keep producing flowers.

zucchini flower

From experience I have found that female flowers are much easier to stuff than males - the flower is more elastic whereas the male is rather tight and tends to rip unless you are extremely careful.

Male flowers tend to be used in dishes such as the one I will be making - a Frittata.


Zucchini Flower Frittata

Male Zucchini Flowers
2 eggs, whisked lightly with a little salt and pepper
1 red onion, finely sliced

I've discarded the stem and stamen from the flowers and have just used the flower itself in this recipe.

Place a little oil and butter in a skillet over a medium heat and when the butter has melted add the onions and sauté until softened and coloured.

Add the prepared flowers along with a little more butter and toss through, allowing them to soften slightly before adding the beaten eggs.

When the base has coloured and the top is almost dry you could place it until a grill to finish. Has I only have a cook top, I had to flip it over in the pan to complete the cooking.

When both sides are browned, slide it out onto a serving dish and enjoy.


I decided to do one more thing and serve it up as I've seen it done here, as a filling for panini

frittata panini

Believe me, it tasted even better than it looked!

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  1. Hi Haalo, I'm just starting to catch up with all your posts from Italy. It sounds like you are having a wonderful trip!

  2. Wow, it looks delicious so I can imagine how much better it can taste!!


  3. I made zucchini flower frittatas earlier this summer, and loved them! Thank you for a lovely WHB entry, Haalo!

  4. Sounds really delicious. And now I'm feeling a little guilty that I didn't cook any of my zucchini flowers this summer. Next year! You're very inventive in coming up with things even when you're not in your own kitchen.

  5. The flowers are just so beautiful aren't they, gorgeous colours!

  6. These flowers look so beautiful as do the frittata. I want some right now! Unfortunately, I've never seen zucchini flowers in the food shops near me. So sad.


  7. I've seen so many wonderful recipes for zucchini flowers this year - and we had such a pathetic growing season I didn't dare risk it... I know, you said they would keep producing but I had 4 plants: one only produced 1 zucchini, one produced 3 and the other 2 weren't much better. Next year! Thanks for the primer!

  8. That looks amazing, Haalo -- what a great idea! It cracked me up to read about the difference between the two types of flowers...of COURSE the females are more flexible and pliable. It totally figures!

  9. I do that often too...use a frittata or an Indian style omelette in a sandwich...definitely tastes good :)

  10. Thanks Nora - it has been an interesting trip

    Thanks Margot!

    Thanks Pille, always a pleasure.

    Thanks Kalyn - I felt quite guilty eating this while poor Paalo was back in Australia.

    They are impossible to go past Holler!

    Hi Katie - hopefully next year you'll have a good zucchini crop so you'll be able to enjoy the flowers too. Definitely eat the male flowers as they just to waste otherwise.

    Thanks Genie - I was wondering who would get that, the males are quite tight ;)

    It's a great filling Nabeela!

  11. oh i LOVE zucchini flowers. i might even say they are one of my all time favorite things to eat ever!

    looks delicious, i always make tempura, i'll have to try this next time i get my hands on some.

  12. That looks spectacular. Simply gorgeous. I'm not kidding - really phenomenal!

  13. I love the idea of using it as a sandwich filling, Haalo!

  14. Thanks Aria - a tempura coating works so well with these

    Thanks Christianne, how sweet of you!

    Thanks Patricia, do try it!

  15. Wow! This sounds delicious! Wish I had a garden so I could harvest zucchini flowers to cook with! Zucchini flower fritata...yummmmm!


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