Monday, October 22, 2007

Sugar High Friday #36

Andrew from Spittoon Extra is the host for this edition of Sugar High Friday and selected the theme of drunken apples.

Mela-apple© by haalo

Taking into consideration the certain limitations of this kitchen, I had to think of something that didn't need an oven and I came up with a twist on Tiramisu

The alcohol I've selected is Vin Santo

Vin Santo© by haalo

Vin Santo is a Tuscan dessert wine and quite fitting that I use it since I am in Florence. I've decided to poach apples pieces in a mix of wine and a little sugar. I moisten the savoiardi with this chunky apple mixture and then top it with a whipped vanilla scented mascarpone before repeating the layers one more time.

Tiramimela© by haalo


Apples, peeled and cut into chunks
Vin Santo
Vanilla Extract

Place the apple pieces, Vin Santo and a little sugar into a saucepan and simmer on a gentle heat until the apples have softened. Let this cool before you use it.

Lightly whip the mascarpone with a little vanilla extract and set aside.

Since I've made this in glasses, I've broken the savoiardi into small pieces and placed them on the bottom. Drizzle over some of the apple liquid and then top with the softened apples. Add a good dollop of mascarpone before repeating the layering process.

Let it chill in the fridge before serving.

tiramimela© by haalo


  1. I've been looking for something to do with all the gorgeous heirloom apples at the market right now, and this looks like a winner. Thanks Haalo!

  2. what a fantastic idea! :) a very innovative way to cook apples!

  3. Nice photos. Sounds like a really tasty use of apples.

  4. Haalo, this is superb - gonna grab a spoon right now! :)

  5. Thanks Lia - hope you are feeling better.

    Thanks Maninas!

    Thanks Kevin!

    Thanks Patricia - i'll race you to the spoons ;)

  6. Lovely entry and stunning photos. The only entry to SHF that has used Vin Santo (so far)

  7. What an elegant dessert! It looks divine.

  8. Thanks Andrew!

    Thanks Sticky!

  9. I've eaten mascarpone with so many fruits but never apples! Why?? I will now. I still have have a container of it in my fridge, and plenty of apples, so I'll be making this very soon. Thanks, Haalo!

  10. Thanks Susan - hope you enoy it!


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