Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Cheese: Yarra Valley Dairy

During this festive season there are many functions happening that you might well be looking for something for your cheese plate and I suppose that it is appropriate that I resume this cheese series with a cheese from my home state.


Cheese Maker: Yarra Valley Dairy
Cheese Name: Persian Fetta
Location: McMeikans Road, Yering, Victoria
Open Daily: 10.30am - 5.00pm

Inside this can is a silken prize and one of my favourites - cows milk fetta marinated in a blend of extra virgin olive oil, herbs and spices.

Persian Fetta

Open the lid and a wonderful aroma wafts up - a mix of herbs with just a touch of garlic to round it off.


The fetta itself is incredibly creamy, some fetta can be a little dry but this just dissolves and clings to your tongue. This is a cheese you can gladly eat just with some good crusty bread, it really doesn't need anything else. Beware, once opened one of these cans will disappear quickly so you might well need to get two!

If you must you could add it to salads, sandwiches or bake it in a savoury tart or pie. Don't throw away the oil, use it in salad dressing or toss vegetables through it before roasting them for extra flavour.

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  1. Did you say "creamy?" Oh, I'd love to taste this.


  2. I am licking the screen.

    Is that wrong??

  3. I can imagine me eating that with crunchy bread...
    I'm hungry..

  4. Very creamy Paz!

    Sounds normal to me PG ;)

    Perfect way to enjoy it Cindy!

  5. - Hi Haalo, nice to see you back to your home town safely. This feta looks lovely, but you know I love your version of marinated feta.

  6. Haalo, welcome home! I hope you are better now and have started enjoy our down under summer :)

  7. Mmm ... that might be the best fetta I've ever seen. And the first fetta spelled with 2 ts :)

  8. Thanks Rose, happy to be back, sort of ;) - sometimes it's nice to be lazy and buy it all premade!

    Thanks Anh, coming back to this weather is a shock to the system, even moreso when, if like me, you absolutely dislike hot weather.

    Thanks KayKat - the term feta is actually PDO, a protected term and can only be used to describe cheese in brine coming from Greece, since this is Australian cheese the extra t has been added.


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