Friday, December 07, 2007

Rice Paper Rolls with Chicken

For this edition of Presto Pasta Night I'm really focusing on the presto part and using these rice noodles, called Vermicelli

rice vermicelli

These noodles are great and just need soaking to soften and when the weather is warming up, anything that keeps the temperature down is a winner in my eyes.

I'll be using them as part of a filling for Rice Paper Rolls - rice paper being another godsend that just requires a little soaking in tepid water before they can be used. You really can use whatever you have sitting around to go into the filling, in this case I'm using sautéed chicken breast and spring onions and some good crisp lettuce to give the rolls a little crunch as you eat them.

rice paper rolls

Rice Paper Rolls with Chicken

rice paper sheets
rice vermicelli, soaked until tender
sautéed chicken breast, sliced
sautéed spring onions
cos lettuce, shredded
salt and freshly ground white pepper
sweet chilli sauce

In a bowl, mix together the cold rice vermicelli, sliced chicken, spring onion, lettuce, salt, pepper and some sweet chilli sauce to taste.

On a softened rice paper sheet, lay some of the mixture near the bottom edge. Fold over to just cover the filling, turn in the sides and then continue rolling until you reach the end of the sheet. Place this on a dish and continue until all the filling is used.

You can store the rolls covered for a little while in the fridge before eating. Serve with some extra sweet chilli sauce on the side.

rice paper rolls

Simple, quick and tasty, there isn't much more to ask for.

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  1. Gorgeous photo and I'm sure they were a tasty app.

  2. Your photos and dishes are always a treat. Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Night.

    By the way, I nominated you for the food blog awards!

  3. Oh, I'd love to taste this! Yes, gorgeous photos. I guess I'll have to settle for licking my screen.


  4. Vietnamese spring rolls are my favorite! well done on the folding, thats the hard part!

  5. Yum. I've been living on rice paper rolls lately.

    Nice to have you back in the country!

  6. These look really good. Nice photos. And I just found some rice paper.

  7. Thanks Peter - they are a good starter, not too heavy but with flavours to get you in the mood

    Thanks Ruth, that is very kind of you!

    Thanks Paz - I'd send over some but I don't think they would make it.

    Thanks Passionate!

    Thanks Lorena - good to be back

    Thanks Kevin - I'm sure you'll make something wonderful with the rice paper

  8. Your photos are quite amazing. It's like looking at airbrushed models in a magazine, almost too good to be true.

    This recipe was excellent, tried again later with Asian bean sprouts instead of rice vermicelli. I never used rice paper rolls before. I'm trying to think of a good combo with cucumbers, but taking out the chicken and onions will make it a completely different kind of spring roll.

  9. Thanks Stephen - for cucumber, fresh salmon or tuna will match quite nicely


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