Wednesday, December 05, 2007

New Knives

I hate to admit this but I lost my Chef's knife (insert dramatic sting)

My beautiful and faithful servant, I remember just how long it took to find it, testing countless knives before one felt just right, perfectly balanced, it was a perfect fit.

What's worse is that it isn't the first knife I've lost. I can't exactly explain how I lost it, let's just say it ended up in the bin. First I "lost" my utility knife and just before I went away I "lost" my Chef's knife. I had thought I could just replace it with another but currently none of the stores that had them are stocking them anymore.

While Paalo stopped over in Tokyo he happened upon a knife stall in the Tsukiji Market and knowing my predicament he purchased for me a most beautiful knife.

sugimoto wrapping

Sugimoto started in the 1830's, back then they made swords and knives and as time progressed they developed their skills to what they are today, true craftsmen. If you go to their stall in the market you will see that the knives are all hand forged and hand made.

Deba Knife

Inside its wooden sheath is a traditional Japanese style knife - it is called Deba and it is used for fish filleting and slicing of meats and fish

Sugimoto Deba Knife

The difference between this and a Western style knife is that it is single sided - it is sharpened only on one side and this allows for a very fine edge.

sugimoto deba knife

sugimoto deba knife

Just perfect as a sushi knife.

As Paalo was so impressed with Tokyo he decided that I just had to see it for myself, so on the way back to Australia we stopped over for 3 days where I managed to add another two knives from Sugimoto

sugimoto chef's knife

Both Western Style, I finally have my new Chef's knife and

sugimoto utility knife

utility knife.

The balance has been restored and I will do my best not to lose these!


  1. Those are beautiful! I am so jealous.

  2. I know how you must feel losing your old knives. My set of German F Dick knives are 30 years old, complete with wooden handles and even though there are probably better knives out there, I couldn't part with them. Funny, my wife actually put one in the bin too, but I noticed it was missing before it went out. Your new knives look really special, kudos to Paalo. Is it the same principal as a double sided blade in sharpening a one sided blade or is there a different technique?

  3. One door closes, another one (or two or three) opens! I LOVE japanese knives, they're the only ones I use.

  4. They are beautiful Vicki!

    Hi Neil - Paalo did an excellent with picking out a knife. The sharpening process is different and it is probably best if I leave the explanation of it to Sugimoto's website.

    Hi Elarael, I've very pleased with them so far!

  5. Oh they are just beautiful! Lucky you!

  6. Would hate to be the person to accidentally find your lost knives! :)

    The new ones look gorgeous anyway. I love shiny new knives, but can't stop using my old, extremely worn ones either.

  7. Thanks Ilva!

    Thanks Y - I hope no-one rummaged around my bin!

  8. I've lost knives too. Couldnt work out how but must have thrown them out somehow. Very perplexing! But I love your new knives and am slightly envious.

  9. Thanks Julie - I still don't know how it vanished for sure, maybe they all go off and join the first knives club.

  10. Now that's a knife!
    So sad to lose a trusted kitchen partner.... but it really is so, so exciting to get new knives!!

  11. Thanks Dayna - they are excellent replacements and boy they are incredibly sharp. I don't think I've ever used a knife quite like this before.

  12. This knife is beautifull!
    I wanted to buy a japanese knife but I was affraid I wouldn't know how to sharpen it because of this single edge thing.
    Do you know how to do it?

  13. Thanks Plume - it does come with detailed instructions on how to sharpen the knife but I think I might leave that for Paalo to do.

  14. AnonymousJune 10, 2009

    Love the Sugimoto knives! (loved your blog pics too, just happened upon it while searching for the knives!). I was just wondering what is the CM number on your utility knife? I've already decided on the chef's knife CM2121, and was thinking about the Petty knife CM2012, but it's hard to tell from internet pictures. I should have also bought them while at Tsukiji in december!

  15. Thanks Cathy - The utility knife is CM2012


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