Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cheese: Boosey Creek

I've been holding onto this cheese post as I knew nothing about the cheese-makers and couldn't really find any information about them. As it happens, the farmers' market was having a regional promotion and rather fortunately the cheese-makers where there - so not only did I find out more about their cheese I also got to sample more of their range.

Boosey Creek Warby Red

Cheese Maker: Boosey Creek Cheese
Cheese: Warby Red Washed Rind
Address: 734 Grinter Road, Boosey, Victoria
Open: 10am-5pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays/Victorian School Holidays

boosey creek warby red

That tell-tale orange skin should immediately let you know that this is a washed rind cheese. In the words of the cheese-makers, it is "hand-washed in our secret blend".

boosey creek warby red

All the milk used comes from their own herd of Friesian-Holstein cows - with the cheese making facilities located within the dairy.

boosey creek warby red

Unlike most of the other washed rinds, this is quite a firm cheese - in fact it is surprisingly firm give the ripe aromas wafting from its skin. Even leaving it out reach room temperature didn't alter the firmness.

boosey creek warby red

If you eat the skin, then this is a rather potent cheese - Paalo who loves his blue cheese even felt it was just too overpowering. However, remove the skin and the cheese itself is very pleasant - there's enough of those washed rind characters coming through but the creaminess of the cheese softens the overall flavour.

Not for the faint hearted but if you'd like to try it - here in Melbourne, it's only available at Leo's in Kew.

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  1. Haalo,
    I love cheese like this... especially with firm skin ;) Delicious... Margot

  2. hi Margot - this is definitely a cheese with character!

  3. AnonymousJuly 04, 2008

    Hello Haalo

    The Warby Red is my favourite also.

    Of course Mum and Dad will be coming to Melbourne for a few markets; we will be posting to our new blog to let everyone know where and when.



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