Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Cheese: Woodside Cheese Wrights

I seem to be in a "stinky cheese" mood of late but when I spied this cheese from Woodside Cheese Wrights at Leo's, I just had to try it

etzy ketzy

Cheese Maker: Woodside Cheese Wrights
Cheese Name: Etzy Ketzy
Cheese Type: Washed Rind Cow/Goat Milk
Location: Woodside, Adelaide Hills, South Australia
Retail Outlet: 7 Henry Street, Woodside, South Australia
Open: Monday - Sunday: 10am - 4pm

The name Etzy Ketzy is said to mean half and half or middle in Greek - an apt name considering this is a mix of cow and goat milk. It's made in the winter when there's less goat milk available.

etzy ketzy

With about another 4 weeks to go before it reaches it's best before date, the skin has already started to become sticky - there is also an excellent earthy aroma to the cheese that seeps through the packaging.

etzy ketzy

It is quite a thin cheese and is presented as a large flattish disc - it makes it look a lot larger than it's meagre weight of 125 grams would imply.

etzy ketzy

This hasn't been left out of the fridge very long but you can begin to see it starting to ooze

etzy ketzy

The skin is a dominant taste and even at this young age it isn't for the faint hearted - best served on solid chunks of bread, something like a good sour dough. As I find it a touch on the salty side, quince paste or fresh fruit would also make a good companion.

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  1. You are so on the same wave length as me when you talk about stinky cheese, sourdough bread and fresh fruit - a meal for a king(sorry....queen)

  2. what an unfortunate name for what looks like a lovely cheese (I love stinky cheese too). It means so-so and it's something you'd say as a dissapproving comment, if you didn't like something much, it doesn't mean half and half, I'm afraid. Maybe if you tell them you'll get a gift cheese basket?:)

  3. Certainly is Nina!

    Hi Heart - I was hoping to find the true translation. This is the story behind the name according to the cheesemaker "The cheese is named in honour of my Greek Maternal Grandfather, who would always reply to me as a young child when asked "how are you today, Grandpa?" "ETZY KETZY" he would say - 50/50, Half cow - Half goat..."
    I think a bit of artistic licence has been applied.

  4. great story, I'm all for poetic licence!:)


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