Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pistachio Pomegranate and Orange Biscotti

I do love the look of traditional tutti frutti biscotti, the mix of different colours a real treat for the eye and when using quality glacé fruits, it's a real taste treat as well.

I've decided to give it a bit of a tweak but still evoke those memories - in this case I'll be using these vibrant slivered pistachios, the slightly unusual dried pomegranate seeds and glacé orange to create my triumvirate of colour.

Pistachio Pomegranate Biscotti© by Haalo

Pistachio, Pomegranate and Orange Biscotti
[Makes about 30]
100 grams caster sugar
1 egg
125 grams plain flour (approx)
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
50 grams slivered pistachios
30 grams dried pomegranate seeds
1-2 glacé orange slices, diced finely

Whisk the sugar and egg in the bowl of an electric mixer until creamy.

Sift the plain flour with the baking powder and sprinkle over the creamed mixture - beat at the lowest speed until almost amalgamated.

Drop in the pistachios, pomegranate seeds, diced glacé orange and very slowly beat until just combined.

The consistency of the mixture should be soft but not too sticky - if it is too sticky, sprinkle over with a little extra flour and using a dough scraper, very gently incorporate it into the mix.

Tip the mixture out onto baking paper and mould it into a sausage shape - about a finger width in height.

Bake in a pre-heated 170°C/320°F oven lightly browned - around 30-40 minutes. You don't want to cook it too much at this stage as the biscotti are twice-baked.

Let it cool before you continue.

Cut this log using a serrated knife into even slices - I got around 30 biscotti from this mixture but this will depend on how thick or thin you like them.

Place these slices, cut side down onto a baking tray and return to the oven - cook for about 10 minutes or so on each side until they have dried out. You don't want the biscotti to colour.

Cool the biscotti on wire racks.

Pistachio Pomegranate Biscotti© by Haalo

Even if you can't get to Italy, you can pretend a little with these. Settle back with a good espresso and don't forget to dunk!


  1. Scrumptious looking. The thinner slices means you can eat more with less guilt!

  2. I'm drinking my coffee right now and I just wish I had some of these to dunk!

  3. Beautiful and delicious looking!

  4. Thanks Tanita - indeed you can!

    Thanks Kalyn!

    Thanks Davi!

  5. Must be delicious! Just mentioned it in my pomegranate post ;)

  6. I love all things Biscotti! I have never seen dried pomegranate seeds...:) Delicious!


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