Thursday, March 18, 2010

Feast Day of Saint Joseph - Sfinci

March 19th is the Feast Day of Saint Joseph (Festa di San Giuseppe) and while the celebrations may have started in Sicilian it's now celebrated through the whole of Italy. As with all feast days, food is a vital part of the occasion and for this festa - these sfinci would be ideal.

sfinci© by Haalo


  1. You cannot possibly go wrong with deep fried sweet little somethings. It looks delicious.

  2. can you pls clarify for me. I always thought that these were made with yeast and no eggs or butter. Are they different to zeppole (with anchovies) because my mum made the yeast batter but with sultanas and dusted with caster sugar as a sweet alternative.These look delicious but as I was reading the recipe it reminded me of choux pastry???

  3. Because your glorious photos and tasty treats always keep me happy, I'm passing on the Happy 101 Award

  4. Might have to fight over the last one Nina ;)

    A truer sentiment I've yet to hear Adele!

    Hi Anon - if you read the original post it actually explains a bit about the different recipes

    Gosh Ruth - thank you so much, that is very sweet of you!


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