Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Challah and Plum Pudding

I've made quite a few variations of the standard "bread and butter pudding" but there's been one glaring omission to date - I'd never used Challah!

challah© by Haalo

When you think about it, it is a perfect choice - it's a rich bread with a lovely texture that is almost brioche like, even though it's made without butter or milk.

With its robust texture, it will easily cope with the addition of one other ingredient

star ruby plum© by Haalo

these glorious Star Ruby Plums.

star ruby plum© by Haalo

I would class these as being a firm type of plum, a bit crisp and not overly sweet or fibrous. They also have as the photo shows, those unusual markings through the flesh and the most wonderful colouring.

I'll be slicing these plums and placing them between the layers of challah - the cooking time should be enough to just soften the plums without them turning to mush.

challah and star ruby plum pudding© by Haalo

Challah and Star Ruby Plum Pudding

challah, sliced
softened butter
Star ruby plums (or another firm fleshed plum), halved and sliced
3 eggs
1 cup milk
1 cup cream
1 tablespoon caster sugar
demerara sugar, extra

I've used a 20cm round baking dish for this, though you could follow this method and make them it as large or as small as you like.

Cut the challah into even 1cm thick slices - discard the end as it is all crust but leave the crust on the slices.

Generously butter both slices of the bread - this will not work with margarine or butter substitutes.

Arrange the slices to cover the bottom of the baking dish - fill all the gaps with pieces of buttered challah. Sprinkle over with a little demerara sugar - I use demerara (or Turbinado) because it has more character and flavour, you could substitute raw sugar

Lay the slices of plum evenly over the challah.

challah and star ruby plum pudding© by Haalo

Cover the plums with another layer of buttered challah - once again make sure all the gaps are filled.

challah and star ruby plum pudding© by Haalo

Whisk the eggs, milk, cream and sugar in a bowl until just combined and then carefully pour over three-quarters of the mixture. Let this sit for a few minutes to allow the challah to absorb some the mix.

Pour the remainder of the mixture over, sprinkle with a little more demerara sugar and place in a preheated 170°C oven - bake until golden and puffed around 30-40 minutes.

Once cooked let it sit for a few minutes before slicing - it will deflate but that will not effect the taste.

challah and star ruby plum pudding© by Haalo

Serve it with plain vanilla ice cream or cream or even just enjoy it plain - the only problem you'll have is making enough to cope with demand!


  1. Last time I tried to make challah it didnt come out so I gave up. I am gonna have to try it again because I love the stuff!

  2. Love that kind of hokum!!! Definitely try this one

  3. mmmmmm this looks incredibly moreish. I love bread and butter pudding made with panatone.


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