Saturday, March 06, 2010

All Hail!

We'd be waiting for the cool change to come through and bring an end to the rather humid weather we've been having of late but no-one really expected the ferocity of the storm that eventually hit us.

It began with it suddenly getting very dark, so much so that at just after 2pm the street lights were turning on. Engrossed in work it took a little while to finally register that the loud banging noises outside wasn't building noises but a full scale assault by hailstones.

As the windows started rattling at the multiple impacts, we madly went around the house, drawing blinds to contain the glass in case it would break. It was a no go area outside as the hailstones ranging from large marble to golf ball, pelted down. Watching them ricochet against the neighbours roof they look like they were being fired.

hailstones© by Haalo

The views outside the windows during the height of the storm was distinctly hazy, not by rain but by hail.

hailstones© by Haalo

We were lucky though, no flooding, nothing broken, even the car is dent free, the trees and shrubs are a little worse for wear having been shredded from the hail.

There are some amazing pictures of the storm online - here and here


  1. Incredible!
    It's a real crazy weather this year!
    Here one day is winter, the other day is a little warmer and like spring coming on ... but the other day we had a whole hour, at about 2.30 pm terribly windy, snowing first, then it was like hail, then snow again, it was terrific! ... and yesterday beautifully sunny, but with very cold temperatures!

  2. The storm was incredible - I was amazed at the noise of the hail and took a moment to realise what it was - but had to say that you missed the opportunity to sign off as Hailo :-)

  3. I'm always amazed by the ingredients you come up with! This looks great.

    We didn't have any hail here up the mountain, just rain, but my mother-in-law had 2 windows broken? How amazing.


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