Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Black and White Wednesday #2

There was a brilliant turn out last week for the first Black and White Wednesday, created and curated by Susan from The Well-Seasoned Cook, that it would seem a shame not to find something for this week.

For me, the professional kitchen is an environment made for black and white photography. The combination of metal and crisp white uniform comes alive when you remove the distraction of colour - you can then just focus on the details.

whisking© by haalo

Here the chef is preparing a sabayon - a laborious process of furious whisking. It's all about technique, keeping your elbow in the right position.

This was taken with a favourite lens - Nikkor 80mm, a digital conversion using the b&w adjustment layer in Photoshop with custom settings.


  1. Another stunner of a shot, Haalo. I could not agree more that a pro kitchen is the ideal venue for B/W shooting. The artificial lighting in most kitchens is very challenging, and there is so much movement that does seem to clutter and distract, although I know that flames shooting from an 8-burner range can be magic in their natural hues.

    Thanks for joining in BWW again.

  2. Amazing shot, was the chef still for a moment? You need to move your arm so fast to make zabaione :-).
    You are a good photographer!


  3. This is an absolutely stunning shot! I can almost feel the concentration on the chef's face eventhough you can't see his face.


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