Friday, November 24, 2006

Sugar High Friday #25

Johanna from The Passionate Cook is hosting this months Sugar High Friday and has chosen the most decadent theme of Truffles.

The warmer weather isn't the most conducive conditions for truffle making but I've managed to come up with two festive inspired truffles:

cherrychocolate christmaspudding

Cherry Chocolate Truffles and Christmas Pudding Truffles

Cherry Chocolate Truffles
I've taken poached cherries, filled with a white chocolate ganache, then covered then in dark chocolate ganache before coating them in edible red and gold glitter.

Christmas Pudding Truffles
A simple combination of fruitmince and dark chocolate ganache, coated in cocoa and topped with a edible red holly bead - a taste of Christmas in a truffle!

The recipes are found by clicking on the appropriate links.

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  1. Simply adorable! I love your truffles so much Haalo! Well-done! I know how hard it is to whip these things up in hot days!

    From White_poplar (dont know why but I cannot leave comments using my beta google account!)

  2. I'm so impressed by these, I want cherry truffles!

  3. Hi Anh - must be a beta bug with blogger. We earned extra brownie points for battling the weather to make our truffles ;)

    Thanks Brilynn - I'll have to keep some just for you!

  4. Thanks Johanna - that's probably flickr. I'll take a look and see what the problem is.


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