Sunday, November 05, 2006

Weekend Herb Blogging #57

As it's the start of the month, Weekend Herb Blogging is back home with Kalyn. The item I'm featuring today comes straight from the local farmers' market - squeakingly fresh and impossible to resist, perfectly sized bundles of just picked asparagus.


Asparagus is one of the best vegetable sources of Folate acid and also contains Potassium, fibre and Rutin (strengthens capillary walls). It's also a known diuretic.

When choosing asparagus, always check the tips - ensure that they are tightly interleaved and that the stalk is firm.

There is a slightly unsavoury side to Asparagus that I will try to explain as delicately as possible. It seems that this particular problem tends to affect about half of the population and it is caused by the break-down, during digestion, of sulphur containing amino acids that are present in asparagus. The resulting odorous reaction is thought by scientists to be related to our genetic makeup - some people have genes that predispose them to that most unfortunate side-effect.

For today's recipe I've opted for a French interpretation of a traditional Polish method of serving asparagus (and members of the brassica family such as cauliflower and broccoli). Sauce Polonaise, is a mix of nut-brown butter, breadcrumbs and hard-boiled eggs that is sprinkled over just cooked vegetables.


Asparagus Polonaise

2 bunches Asparagus, steamed/boiled until just tender

50 grams butter
50 grams breadcrumbs, home-made
2 eggs, hard-boiled, grated or finely chopped
2 tablespoon finely chopped parsley, optional
50 grams butter, extra

To make the Sauce Polonaise:
Slowly melt the butter in a small pan, then add the breadcrumbs. Sauté until the crumbs are golden with a slight crunch.
Pour this mixture into a bowl. Stir though the grated eggs and parsley (if using).

Add the extra butter to the pan and slowly melt until it begins to just brown. Remove from the heat.

Lay the asparagus out on a serving dish and nape over with the sauce polonaise. Just before serving, drizzle the nut-brown butter over the polonaise.

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  1. You're funny. I didn't know about that asparagus side effect. I guess I don't have it, lucky for me. This sounds delicious. Asparagus and butter, what a great combination!

  2. Butter on anything makes it better ;) The polonaise has a lovely crunchy but creamy characteristic - it's great to eat because it introduces other textures to the simple asparagus.

  3. You're having spring and asparagus....I'm having fall and Brussels sprouts. I'd rather be you...

    I have the odorous does my family, my husband and his family - at least it's shared

  4. Thanks Sher - maybe you can restart the tradition and make the dish again, now that would be lovely

    Hi Katie - we could do a swap, I'm quite fond of the sprout and the cooler weather.


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