Monday, February 18, 2008

Cheese: Red Hill

If you are a fan of washed rind as I am, then you'll be most interested in this next cheese.

red hill bushranger gold ©

Cheese Maker: Red Hill Cheese
Cheese: Bushranger Gold
Location: 81 William Road (Off Arthurs Seat Road), Red Hill
Cellar Door: Open daily Noon-5pm (except Christmas, Boxing Day & Good Friday)

red hill bushranger gold ©

Bushranger Gold is a washed rind, goat cheese and that warning sticker is really unnecessary as your nose will immediately tell you that is one of those delightfully stinky cheeses. While taking these photos, even through the wrapper those heady mushroom scents kept wafting up to tease me.

red hill bushranger gold ©

Bushranger Gold is described as
A wild washed-rind goat-milk cheese with a delectable, complex cauliflower flavour, lingering on the palate. Mild when young; sticky and pungent with an explosive flavour when fully mature.
It is also made using vegetarian rennet.

red hill bushranger gold ©

I must include a caveat that the "best by date" for this particular cheese is March 15th - so at this early stage of maturation, the flavours are all very mild. It will be very interesting to compare another specimen closer to its best by date.

red hill bushranger gold ©

I would imagine that the interior would become a bit more runnier along with an intesification of flavours and aroma. Currently the skin is highly edible and though the interior is firm, it still is quite creamy in the mouth.

red hill bushranger gold ©

Paalo thought this had similar characteristics to a Taleggio and can vouch for its delectability.

If you are unsure of washed rinds then this would be a really good place to start and perhaps built up to a more matured version.

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  1. that warning is enough to spook me out. I'm not big on smelly cheeses, but frm right here , where i cannot smell this one , it looks gr8 !!!

  2. OMG . . . this looks so-o-o delicious! I'm being slowly indoctrinated (by hubby) into the joys of smelly cheese, and this looks like a winner. Great pix!

  3. oh, that looks utterly delicious! and i bet it will be divine closer to full maturation. i'll keep an eye out!

  4. Hi Kate - oh it's not a bad smell at all and the cheese well worth tasting

    Thanks Three - believe me, it was way too tasty and disappeared all too quickly.

    Thanks Dan - it will be interesting to compare the two.

  5. wow! the cheese looks delicious!


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