Tuesday, February 19, 2008

No Croutons Required

No Croutons Required is a new blog event focused on celebrating soups and salads and for the first edition the theme selected by Lisa of Lisa's Kitchen is Vegetarian Soup.

I do quite like serving soups as "sips" especially during summer when you don't really want to face a full bowl.
To keep it seasonal I'm using fresh asparagus and potato to help with consistency. Rather than using vegetable stock or water, I've used milk - this helps give the finished soup and luxuriously creamy texture without using any cream.

I've also stayed away from adding too many extraneous ingredients as I just want to focus on the flavour of the produce - it is just simply seasoned with salt and white pepper.

As a final touch, a stick/immersion blender is used to foam up the soup resulting in a lovely light texture.

asparagus and potato soup©

Asparagus and Potato Soup

200 grams Asparagus, cut into pieces
100 grams Potato, cut into small dice
sea salt
freshly ground white pepper

Place the asparagus pieces and potato in a small pot and pour in enough milk to cover the ingredients.

Gently simmer until the asparagus and potato are soft - remove from the heat and blend until to smooth - taste and then season with salt and white pepper.

If you want an ultra smooth result, strain the soup through a fine sieve.

Add a little more milk to slacken then mixture and then place it back on the heat to warm to serving temperature.

Just before serving, use the stick blender to fluff up the soup and then pour into small glasses.

asparagus and potato soup©



  1. oh this looks just wonderful. i love the bubbly surface - i bet the texture is like silk. good job my girl.

  2. This must be delicious food. I will definitely try it at home. Fantastic photo. Really reflects the texture and taste of the soup :-)

  3. This looks beautiful and so simple. I love it! Can't wait to try this out.

  4. i love how straightforward this is, really showcasing the veggies. can't wait until it's asparagus time up here! i love asparagus time.

  5. Thanks Myriam!

    Thanks Joanna - hope you enjoy it!

    Thanks Madeleine!

    Thanks Michelle!

  6. I love the simplicity and the freshness of this soup--what a gorgeous color, too! I've bookmarked this one to try. Great entry!

  7. Thanks Ricki - hope you get to try it!

  8. I've been reading your blog for a long time (I subscribe through Google Reader) and don't very often stop to leave comments. But, I was just struck with the gorgeous photography of your posts in recent days. You've given me a few ideas for my own food blog. Thanks for all the time and effort (I know because I do it myself), so I doubly appreciate it when somebody has really made extra effort to compose the photos, focus just so, with the perfect dish, perfect hazy background. Just beautiful!

  9. Thank you Carolyn for those lovely words of encouragement - makes for a great start to the day! It is much appreciated.


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