Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Potato

Alex from Eating Leeds announced she was celebrating the International Year of the Potato with a blog event, I knew I just had to take part - especially since my photo of the kipfler potato is actually part of official website.

So when it came to choosing a potato to use I couldn't really go past the kipfler


Kipflers are a waxy potato that are best used in salads or roasts - for this event I've gone for the salad route.

One of my all time favourite potato salads is a super simple parsley potato salad so using that as my inspiration, rather than make a parsley vinaigrette, I've made a parsley pesto and incorporated some crispy slices of chorizo to add some bite to dish.

Kipfler Potato Salad with Parsley Pesto and Chorizo

Kipfler Potato Salad with Parsley Pesto and Chorizo

kipfler potatoes, boiled/steamed until just tender
chorizo, sliced and cooked until crisp
Parsley Pesto
1 garlic clove
sea salt
20 grams parsley leaves
lemon zest
blanched almonds
freshly ground pepper
finely grated parmesan cheese
olive oil

Make the Parsley Pesto:

As I've said before, I prefer to make pesto using a mortar and pestle but you can use a food processor - it's your choice. If you don't like raw garlic, then replace it with some slow roasted garlic.

Pound the garlic clove and lemon zest with a little sea salt until it becomes a smooth paste and then add the parsley leaves, continue working to break down the leaves.

Add the pinenuts and almonds (you can just use pinenuts if you prefer) and work the mixture until it resembles a thick paste - drizzle in the oil a little at a time as you continue to pound the mixture, breaking any large pieces of nuts.

Finally sprinkle in a few tablespoons of parmesan - taste and then adjust the seasoning. Add enough olive oil to make a spreadable paste.

This can be stored in the fridge under a layer of oil to stop the pesto from oxidising.

Assemble the salad:

Peel the kipflers when still hot and slice along the vertical to form long pieces.

Place them in a bowl and add some of the pesto - tossing well.

Sprinkle in half of the chorizo slices and toss briefly before tumbling the potatoes into your serving dish.

Top with the remaining chorizo slices and serve at once.

kipfler potato salad with parlsey pesto and chorizo

This salad is best served warm and naturally enough, you can leave out the chorizo if so desired.

kipfler potato salad with parlsey pesto and chorizo



  1. Appetizing, as usual, and the photographs are absolutely wonderful. I have suggested previously that you compile this blog into a cookbook or cookbooks and still encourage you to do so! I think it would sell very well, even though it is available online here in your blog. People would buy your cookbook because it would be useful and very beautiful. I am not flattering you, I really think your book would do well. You should look getting something published.

  2. Thank you so much Heather for your show of confidence, you'd be glad to know Paalo agrees with you but I'm just not convinced at the moment.

  3. Oh Haalo - even though this is served warm I think I need to wait until summer so I can sit out in the sun with a nice cold glass of Albarino and a big plate of this!!!!

  4. Thanks Alex - I might join you!


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