Monday, February 11, 2008

Mixology Monday XXIV

The theme of this edition of Mixology Monday, hosted by Jimmy's Cocktail Hour is Variations. Jimmy has asked us to "present your variation of a classic recipe, or compare several variations of the same recipe."

I've decided to play around with the classic "Cosmopolitan". While it may have be uber-chic at the turn of this century as we near the end of the "noughties" a modern approach is needed. While the colour of the drink has always been appealing, the choice of cranberry juice left people like Paalo who is allergic to cranberries, unable to experience it.

To replace cranberry juice I've chosen a fruit that couldn't be more popular these days, pomegranate

pomegranate juice

To complete the variation I've also added a little orange flower water - pomegranate and orange flower water are often used together in cooking.

With this version it isn't just cosmopolitan, it's universal!


(Makes 1)

30mls lemon vodka
15mls cointreau
45mls pomegranate juice
dash orange flower water

  • Place the ice in a shaker along with the rest of the ingredients.
  • Shake vigorously and strain into a chilled martini glass.



  1. Can I please have two? :-)

  2. I've played a little with the pomegranate substitution in a Cosmo myself. Haven't felt like I've nailed it yet. I'll try your recipe. Thanks!

  3. I am not much of a cocktail fan - don't really make them at home - but having had pomegranate juice for the first time last week I love this idea and am now contemplating trying this

  4. I'll make a pitcher Nora ;)

    Thanks Ouroboros - good luck with the recipe!

    Thanks Johanna - hope you enjoy it!

  5. I found myself with orange blossom water last night - your recipe sprang to mind and I had a go. As it was from memory I accidentally added lime juice - but it still tasted lovely!

    I've referenced you in my post :)

  6. Thank you Kittie - glad it worked out even with the lime juice!

  7. This looks tasty, although I think that's wayyyyy too much pomegranate. Traditionally the cranberry is put in for color, not flavor. And with the more concentrated taste of pomegranate this is going to taste a lot more like a pomegranate Cape Codder than a Cosmo.

  8. Hi Ian - I based this on a recipe for a traditional cosmo and kept the proportions the same - it tasted fine but like all recipes feel free to use less or more.


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