Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cheese - Maleny Le Blochon

Our intention in attending Sunday's Melbourne Specialist Cheese Show was to seek out new cheese-makers and/or cheese and this next offering certainly qualifies.

Maleny Cheese is a family concern which sees a merging of Swiss cheese makers with third generation dairy farmers. Located in Maleny, Queensland they opened in 2004.

The cheese featured in this post, is a highly aromatic washed rind called Le Blochon.

maleny le blochon©  by Haalo

Cheese Maker: Maleny Cheese
Cheese Name: Le Blochon
Location: 1 Clifford St, Maleny, Queensland
Web: www.malenycheese.com.au

The first thing you notice when you approach this cheese is undoubtably its aroma. That "farm fresh" scent fills the air and can't help but put a smile on your face. Once you handle the cheese you'll then notice just how soft and malleable it feels

maleny le blochon©  by Haalo

Once unwrapped you can enjoy its wrinkled tan skin. Much like the Reblouchon on which it is based, it is made using the milk from the second milking.

maleny le blochon©  by Haalo

This photo shows the appearance when cut not long after removing it from the fridge - there are signs of its lovely unctuous character but it does need to come up to temperature

maleny le blochon©  by Haalo

The skin is well defined and certainly edible - there's no bitterness or overpowering ammonia scent that can be found in other cheese.

maleny le blochon©  by Haalo

Taste wise, it's a sweet and somewhat nutty flavoured cheese, combined with a wonderful creamy mouth feel. For washed rind novices, I urge you to look past its aroma - you will be more than rewarded by this excellent cheese.


  1. A good discovery, Haalo.

    I just had a look at their order form. I will be doing a bit of on-line shopping I think. :-) I am particularly interested in trying their goat and buffalo ranges, esp. the quark. Almost impossible to find it in the stores here. I have to get a friend to make it for me!

  2. wow! i am a huge cheese fan and look at that texture! come to mama!

  3. Thanks Nora - I was so disappointed when they told me they don't have any outlets in Melbourne - so we bought this and the buffalo brie at the show.

    Thanks Rita - it was so good and easily vanished in a sitting.


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