Monday, August 18, 2008

"Chef" Jasper J. Mirabile Jr. PWNED

I find it apt to begin with the words of Sir Walter Scott

Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practise to deceive!

I probably would not have taken this route if not for the following line in a supposed "apology" directed to Pim after "Chef" Jasper J. Mirabile Jr. was caught having stolen Pim's delightful photo of her homemade pop tarts.

To quote:
"Whenever I use a cartoon, recipe etc...I always give credit and I NEVER THOUGHT anything about this before."

Oh Really?

Perhaps "Chef" Jasper J. Mirabile Jr. has forgotten about this photo

panforteĀ© by haalo

it's a panforte I made back in December 2006

that apparently is the spitting image of one "Chef" Jasper J. Mirabile Jr. "made" in December 2007


Time to recall "Chef" Jasper J. Mirabile Jr.'s "apology"

"I always give credit and I NEVER THOUGHT anything about this before."

Well, "Chef" Jasper J. Mirabile Jr. you do not give credit and you have indeed, done it before.

Not only is this an issue of copyright infringement, this is also an issue of fraud - he is passing off this photo not only as his own work but as an example of what his "original" recipe would look like.

In case there are apologists (or alter ego's) out there that want to claim that this is a one two-off perhaps you'd like to explain the following acts of photo misappropriation and fraud found in about 5 minutes:

"Chef" Jasper J. Mirabile Jr. claims that he was inspired to make this dish in New Orleans.

Actually, the photo has been ripped from the site: Eat with Me
You'll notice that the photo has been cropped and saturated to alter the colour - something that "Chef" Jasper J. Mirabile Jr. claimed to Pim that he doesn't do.

This is supposed to be a sweet tart "Chef" Jasper J. Mirabile Jr whipped up for his sold out class at The Culinary Center Of Overland Park.

It too was shamelessly stolen from the site: Last Night's Dinner
It's actually a photo of a goat cheese and tomato tart - certainly not a sweet tart.

"Chef" Jasper J. Mirabile Jr. claims he "made" this sweet tomato bread pudding at his Heirloom Tomato Seminar .

Sorry to disappoint, it's actually a very savoury tomato, spinach bread pudding from the site: Beans and Greens

One more for good measure and this surely should give you a laugh

The photo is claimed to be that of "My wife Lisa's Salsa recipe"

Perhaps there are questions on the identity of "Chef" Jasper J. Mirabile Jr.'s spouse - I know I wouldn't be admitting to it - the photo actually comes from the site: Stainless Steel Droppings

5 minutes browsing and 4 more cases where copyright has been infringed, images misappropriated and fraud committed.

So what can we do - I can only repeat the advice of Pim

"By the way, these thieves don't usually strike just once, so you might want to check his archives and see if he's stolen from you too."

Thank you to all the support shown by fellow bloggers and the general public on this issue - do check out Jen's and Columbus Foodies posting on the matter.

"Chef" Jasper. J. Mirabile Jr has indeed closed his blog off as an invite only blog - no wonder really, if you look at the comments in the space of 15 minutes two more incidents of plagerism were found. 

I notice that the sockpuppets are still active on Pim's post so this next one is for them

The following is a post "Chef" Jasper J. Mirabile Jr. WROTE for the August Issue of 435 South - The Magazine of the South Johnson County. It is all about his experience at a local blackberry farm.

All good and well, except the text has mostly been taken from this site: Picktnproducts

The quotes he attributes to Cy and Dee were in fact spoken by Tammy Algood, "food expert and spokesperson for the statewide Pick Tennessee Products campaign"

Geography isn't my best subject but I'm sure that Kansas and Tennessee are two different states.

Please remember this is an article he wrote for a magazine that was lifted from The Tennessee Department of Agriculture - to truly highlight how much was lifted - the yellow text indicates all the lifted content, the normal text is what "Chef" Jasper J. Mirabile Jr actually wrote.


  1. Wow, this guy is fairly shameless. Keep up the good work!

  2. Unbelievable. Good job in tracking down all the pilfered photos.

  3. Thanks for calling this guy out -- that he continues to steal the work of others is shameful.

  4. Shoot, just found one that he ripped off from me at Slashfood.

  5. At least some of his writing is plagiarized, too. Compare his brief history of teriyaki, here:

    with this Serious Eats post:

  6. And now I see that he's already edited that post to remove the plagiarized Serious Eats content.

    I wonder what else, though, he's stolen.

  7. Grr...he ganked my rum cake pic - look at his entry for July 17th, and then look here:

  8. LOL, he already took it down, no more than 15 minutes after I posted about it here. Too bad for him that I already took a screen capture of it.

  9. Wow. How blatant. If I borrow a pic I always reference where I got it and never pass it off as my own. And with food I always show my pic and tell people where to find a better one-use a link instead of the photo.
    It's not fair to steal other's hard work!

  10. That is wild! I cannot believe someone would be so stupid and brazen about it...okay, I guess I can believe it. Thanks for pointing this out!

  11. What is worse, it looks like the f$#*in bozo lives and operates in my current home town! I think I'll be writing the tv station and radio station that uses him.

  12. Just for the sake of doing it, I emailed our local Fox station that does a 'problem solvers' expose and pointed them here and to another similar post. Thought they might be interested in exposing the fraud of a local competitor's (NBC) celebrity chef.

  13. Looks like he's made his blog "invite-only." Coward.

  14. It is shocking that he would repeatedly and blatantly do this!!!

    p/s: He's now limited his site to invited readers only.

  15. Holy...!!!!

    Thanks for the examples. What a dirtbag. I know from my own adventures recently that we food bloggers got each other's backs. Good work.

  16. Hey there!

    Read the post on Pim's site, and though yes maybe its not an end of the world situation, I think this is still unforgiveable in this day and age where IP is a big issue. Lots of bloggers are publishing books and using their photos and content for their own profit, so yes, for someone else to fraudelently display something as their own work, I think thats terrible.

    Good for you for shedding some light on this guy.

  17. If you can find out his service provider you can get his blog removed for all the violations here. Most don't look kindly to fraud.

    *only anon because i don't have an account!*

  18. My god...that's shocking! And disappointing. I've been hearing rumblings of other bloggers having their photos or content lifted, but this is blatant.

    Way to go...seems you've made some difference!

  19. I don't think it's actually the chef. I mean, a guy like him so busy running a restaurant, doing tv spots and traveling? The blog is/was probably run by someone doing web PR for him.

    Still doesn't make it right, but I don't know if people should be dragging his name through the mud just yet. Hopefully the news hounds get to the bottom of it and we actually get a true story and a full apology.

    How would anyone search his site for pilfered content, now that it has been made invitation only?

  20. wow, that's dreadful.

  21. He's probably taken it private to scrub the site of all the pilfered content.

  22. I applaud you, Haalo. Bravo!

    No doubt there are more out there "in the cloud" just like him.

    Someone should do a celebrity chef shame blog.

  23. Go Haalo! Good for you for calling him on his craptastic practice of theft. I loudly applaud the others who are tracking him down and reporting him everywhere.

    What a scuzz.

  24. WOW. Thanks for doing the work and alerting me!

  25. OH WOW!! Well done Haalo for doing this expose!! Such blatant pilfering of other's work must stop!!

  26. Well done you! Guys like these need to learn a lesson, and you certainly taught him a hard one.
    Just hope this jerk realises he's a waste of webspace.

  27. Oh dear!The nerve of it!Good on you for tracking it down.

  28. Thank you all for the support - unfortunately I don't believe "Chef" Jasper J Mirabile Jr. has actually learnt anything from this and now with a private blog he will still be able to pilfer photos and use them to boost his reputation. It is a sad fact that the photos are STILL on his blog.

  29. Wow. I just ran across this. I didn't know I'd been plagiarized. Thanks for this post. It's amazing. He even used my picture.

    @beans and greens dot net

  30. What a shame. Sorry to hear this has happened to you (and others) yet again, Haalo!

  31. Hi Y - having a photo stolen isn't anything new but this guy really took the cake, just about everything on that site was stolen.

  32. I saw something quite similar (stealing recipes) occur with a South Beach diet site recently too. It seems that stealing is becoming quite popular lately. I can't imagine how anyone would believe they could steal photos and/or text, from a community as tightly knit as the foodie bloggers, and expect to escape notice or consternation. Kudos to you for speaking up!

  33. Thanks Wine - that would be the website southbeachrecipeDOTinfo who stole content from Kalyns Kitchen and Rasa Malaysia. Unfortunately that website is still up though not active. Twitter proved useful in informing all about the behaviour of @amyrecipes

  34. Haalo,

    I love your wall of shame.
    I just finish battle yesterday with another website using my images (my website address was cropped out, so they were looking like their own).
    They finally got in touch with me and replaced photos giving me full credit. The worst part is how many more out there blogs using our photos and we don't even know?
    Glad you accepted my award, I will place you on BB List immediately :)



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