Thursday, August 07, 2008

Capra Cheese Velvet

Located at Mt Lookout here in Victoria, Capra Cheese produces traditional farmhouse styled cheese using certified organic milk from their own herd of goats.

capra cheese velvet© by Haalo

Cheese Maker - Capra Cheese
Cheese Name - Velvet
Location - 125 Tices Road, Mt Lookout

capra cheese velvet© by Haalo

Velvet is a barrel shaped, french-styled white mould goat cheese. As it matures it moves from nutty and earthy to sweet and rich in flavour.

capra cheese velvet© by Haalo

With this well matured version, the texture is indeed, like velvet. The cheese can be scooped out and spread with a consistency akin to cream cheese. The rind is quite thick and rather intense in flavour - I would advise that you don't eat the rind. An enjoyable cheese with that pleasant goat tang at the finish - the creamy, lush texture gives it great mouth feel.

Having received a very lovely email from the owners of Capra Cheese, I can now produce a list of outlets were you can find this cheese and others in the Capra Range.
Retail Outlets:
Armadale - Macro Wholefoods
Glen Waverly - Macro Wholefoods (The Glen Shopping Centre)
Kew - Leo's Supermarket
Richmond - Macro Wholefoods
Bairnsdale - David Lucke’s Market and Bairnsdale Wholefoods
Paynesville - Foodworks Paynesville
Warragul - Lean and Green

Farmers' Market:
1st Saturday of Month - East Gippsland Farmers' Market
2nd Saturday of Month - Metung Farmers' Market
2rd Sunday of Month - Whitehorse Farmers' Market
3rd Sunday of the Month - IInverloch Farmers' Market
4th Saturday of Month - Traralgon Farmers' Market
4th Sunday of Month - Rotary Farmers’ Produce Market, Bulleen
5th Saturday of Month - Taste of Gold Farmer’s Market, Holmesglen


  1. AWESOME post. You know, we really don't get enough cheeses from down under in my part of the world. This was a good reminder of that. Maybe time for a pilgrimage back to Eden...

  2. Velvet you say? I'm convinced that I will love this. Can this be bought at any deli's in Melbourne CBD area?

    On a slightly separate note: I am making a culinary 4-day trip to Melbourne at the end of the year as a treat to my partner and I have been perusing your Eat blog and narrowing down my choices. But my worry is that some of these restaurants would be closed during this period (28Dec-1 Jan).


  3. MMMMMmmmmm. I absolutely love goats cheese.. will definitely try velvet. Thanks for the recommendation!! This is my first visit to your blog and I love it , I will be back for sure :) Ali

  4. Thanks Cmoore - seems like a good excuse;)

    Hi Nora - I found this at Leo's Supermarket in Kew and I can't find any information on other suppliers. Perhaps Vic Market or Richmond Hill Cafe and Larder might stock it.
    I know some restaurants do close during that period - just send me an email with the names of the ones you're interested in visiting and I'll get that information to you.

    Thanks Pea&Pear - hope you enjoy it and I've got some more goat cheese posts coming up!

  5. Excellent photos as always - nice to get a good idea of the cheese's texture. i'll be looking forward to more goat cheese posts :)

  6. Thanks, Haalo. Will drop you an e-mail when I narrow down my wish list to a few restaurants. :-)

  7. Thanks Jude!

    That's the hard part Nora!


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