Monday, October 27, 2008

Worth the wait

All over the world people are waiting to see this in their mailbox...

alinea mail box

It has probably been a year since I first ordered the book from Alinea and just on a week ago when I finally received that long awaited email - the book was in the post. There's no counting on the mysteries of the mail system between Australia and the world so I was beyond surprised to see this package on my doorstep today.

There were a few benefits to pre-ordering - one was that you got this lovely slip cover that isn't available anywhere else

alinea slip cover© by Haalo

alinea cookbook© by Haalo

alinea cookbook© by Haalo

and then of course there's the true star of the whole thing - the actual Alinea Book

alinea cookbook© by Haalo

alinea cookbook© by Haalo

And for us patient folk, the books have all been signed

alinea cookbook - signatures© by Haalo

I certainly look forward to slowly savouring this book - there's no reason to rush things.


  1. Oh cool you got yours signed! :D

  2. Would you believe I found this book at Costco? It's a big box wholesale club horrid store in NJ.
    It was only $30.
    I only found it because zenchef and other bloggers told us about it!
    Wow, there are some miracles out there!
    It's a gorgeous book.

  3. All the pre-orders through Alinea were signed - took them 4 days to do it!

    It's a beautiful book Stacey and you certainly got it for a steal!

  4. Signed? You lucky girl! Can't wait to see the inspiration it gives you!

  5. It's inspiring me though I don't think I have room for a pacojet just yet ;)


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