Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Capra Serenade

capra serenade©  by Haalo

It could be said that I love cheese but this next cheese loves you back - how can you resist the delightful heart-shaped Serenade from Capra Cheese?

capra serenade©  by Haalo

Cheese Maker: Capra
Cheese Name: Serenade
Location: 125 Tices Road, Mt Lookout

This has a double layer of ash - one surrounding the heart and the other straight through the center.

capra serenade©  by Haalo

All cheese made by Capra uses organic goats' milk from their own free-range herd.

capra serenade©  by Haalo

Much like their Velvet this has that same creamy, clean taste with the ash giving it another dimension. The flavour is quite distinct, I know my sister likened it to a blue cheese but I put it more towards a bitey vintage cheddar.

This cheese is now available at The Cheese Shop Deli at Prahran Market as well as the other places listed in my earlier post.


  1. Oh my my my!! This looks PERFECT for tonight's dinner. You won't mind if I drop by to take it, will you?


  2. This is making my mouth water. I rarely find a specimen as beautiful as this. (Which is probably better for my waistline as I'd want to eat the whole thing!)

  3. It's impossible Marie!

    I won't mind, but I think Paalo might ;)

    Thanks Joie - hearts should always be shared!

    That was my reaction!


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