Thursday, November 06, 2008

Spanner Crab Croquettes

The fillies are all dressed in their finest in readiness for Oaks Day - a day when racing plays second fiddle to fashion. Just because you're dolled up in your designer gear, you still must eat something and that is where these little Spanner Crab Croquettes come in.

Self contained in a small cylinder, a combination of fluffy potato and freshly picked Spanner crab meat, with a hint of smoked paprika - these are very easy to eat. No mess, no fuss and they leave one hand free for your champagne!

Spanner Crab Croquettes© by Haalo

Spanner Crab Croquettes
[Makes about 30]

3 potatoes, boiled in the skin until soft
250 grams spanner crab meat
1 teaspoon smoked paprika
freshly ground sea salt
freshly ground white pepper
2 eggs

Make the croquettes:
Peel the potatoes and push them through a potato ricer - allow them to cool before moving onto the next step.
Sprinkle the cooled potatoes with paprika, salt and pepper, mixing it well - it is best to do this with your hands.
Add in the crab meat, carefully folding it through the potatoes.
Take spoonfuls of the mixture and roll into cylinders.

Crumb the croquettes:
Take the eggs and whisk them lightly with a fork. Fill a bowl with breadcrumbs.

Roll the cylinder gently around the egg, drain well and then place in the breadcrumbs. Gently roll the cylinder around the breadcrumbs until coated and place to one side. Repeat the process until all the cylinders are crumbed.

For extra crunch I double crumb the croquettes.

Spanner Crab Croquettes© by Haalo

Store these on kitchen paper lined containers in the fridge until ready to cook.

Either shallow or deep fry until golden. I like to shallow fry using a small sauce pan and I only cook about 3 at a time. This gives me much better control over the temperature of the oil and the speed at which the croquettes cook.

Once golden, drain on paper towels and serve while hot.

Spanner Crab Croquettes© by Haalo

A contrast of texture, crisp shell, fluffy interior couching that sweet crab meat. For something extra, consider serving these with a good aioli.

Spanner Crab Croquettes© by Haalo


  1. These croquettes look amazing. Goodness, what I would do to get one right now.

  2. I'll have to make some more Heart :)

    Thanks JS!

  3. Michelle moyesSeptember 19, 2012

    They look amazing!

    I think I'll give these a go tonight. I was wondering what to do with the crab I have in the fridge!

    Thank you x


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