Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Meander Valley Clotted Cream

I have waxed lyrical about Meander Valley Double Cream in the past but what caught my eye this morning made my heart skip a beat. Were my eyes deceiving me or was that really clotted cream?

Oh my...it is clotted cream!

meander valley clotted cream© by Haalo

Clotted cream is a thick, rich cream that is covered by a distinctive yellow crust.

meander valley clotted cream© by Haalo

The crust is perfectly edible and it forms during the process of making clotted cream. The traditional method involves very slowly heating milk, without boiling, for about an hour. As it heats this crust forms. When the mixture cools the clotted cream forms underneath this crust.

meander valley clotted cream© by Haalo

This is certainly a cream to savour and is undoubtedly an indulgence but we all deserve a bit of spoiling sometimes. This isn't the type of cream you use to smother things, this is a type of cream that needs to be enjoyed for what it is. It's thick and luscious with a touch of sweetness.

I think a proper English tea, with jam and scones and this clotted cream is certainly in order.


  1. I have always wondered what clotted cream was - I love the British "cozy" mysteries, and they're always having afternoon tea with clotted cream. Thank you for the pictures and the description! I have never seen it for sale around here - you mentioned slowly heating milk for an hour. Is it whole milk you would use to do this? I would like to give it a try - it would be lovely to taste clotted cream!

  2. Simply, gorgeous. Wish I can have some now.

  3. You definitely need some scones and jam, I would like to have some of that with fruit scones and raspberry jam. I bet you feel wicked as you bite into them.

  4. Clotted cream is lovely and Meander Valley does it well. Enjoy!

  5. Mymymy! Haven't tried Meander Valley before. Love that yellow crust :)

  6. Thanks Muse - unfortunately there's not enough cream left in regular milk to do this at home. There are recipes that use cream to make a sort of clotted cream.

    Thanks Burcu!

    Wicked is good ;)

    Thanks Dani!

    Hi Y - you must try their normal double cream, it is just the best and probably a little easier to find then this one.


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