Thursday, October 01, 2009

Tagliatellini with Anchovies and Salsa Verde

Presto Pasta Night founder Ruth is hosting this week and I'm back with another quick pasta. This time I'm using tagliatellini

Tagliatellini© by Haalo

These are about half the width of regular tagliatelle and are a rather fine noodle. As this is a rich egg dough, they will cook in about 3 or 4 minutes.

With such a quick cooking pasta a quick sauce is needed and the solution comes in the form of those salsa verde flavoured fresh anchovies. To bind these two ingredients together I've made a simple brown butter sauce - the heat from both the sauce and the pasta will be enough to warm the anchovies. It is pure simplicity.


Tagliatellini with Anchovies & Salsa Verde

fresh anchovies in salsa verde

Make the brown butter sauce:

Place a generous knob of butter in a pot and place over a gentle heat - allow to slowly melt. Once melted, swish the pan every now and again until it begins to brown. As soon as this happens remove from the heat.

Cook the pasta and when it's just about cooked, put the butter back on a low heat. Drain the pasta and add to the butter - toss to coat and then tumble in the anchovies and salsa verde. Keep the pan moving to allow the ingredients to intermingle.

Once evenly dispersed, plate the pasta and finish off with a squeeze of lemon.

With the burst of fresh herbs and those beautiful fresh anchovies, this is a great dish to welcome spring.


  1. sounds like a very simple and tasty meal. congrats on being No. 1 foodbloggers in Oz on Jenius top 50 list too :-)

  2. I would like to this dish. Looks lovely.

  3. delicious. all my favourite tangy things on pasta.

    any wine recommendation?

  4. This is such an inventive pasta sauce. I would never think to pair salsa verde with anchovies, but it definitely works here. Delicious!

  5. Thanks Simon!

    Thanks Tigerfish!

    Thanks Anna - perhaps a Soave?

    Thanks Joanne - you can easily just eat the anchovies as they are with the salsa verde, it just makes them zing


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