Sunday, October 25, 2009

Baby Broad Beans

Yasmeen from Healthnut is hosting this edition of Weekend Herb Blogging and this week I've found Baby Broad beans!

baby broad beans© by Haalo

You might know them as Fava beans and if you're wondering just how small they are when compared with the common mature form, then the next photo should answer that question.

baby broad beans© by Haalo

Is there any wonder why I couldn't resist them? You can actually eat the whole thing, no need for shelling, just treat them as you would a regular green or string bean.

If you happen to be growing broad beans in your garden, perhaps you might consider picking them at this early stage and incorporating them into your dishes as a substitute for beans or snowpeas.

Rather than provide a recipe as such, I'll show you two ways in which I've used these beans broad beans.

Add a bit more fibre to your breakfast, replace those toast soldiers with steamed baby broad beans.

baby broad bean soldiers with soft boiled egg© by Haalo

It's a fabulous match, warm runny egg and a still crisp baby broad bean. You can prepare the beans at the same time as the egg.

A more conventional idea - a salad

baby broad bean salad© by Haalo

Toss the warm beans into a balsamic based vinaigrette and then present them with a scattering of shaved Parmesan. The combination of sweet and nutty notes plays well against the fresh taste of the beans.


  1. Fantastic! it must be spring on your side of the globe.I'd love to try these tender fava beans.Awesome clicks :D

  2. Gorgeous food and photos ;)


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