Thursday, January 04, 2007

Eggplant Bites

Weekend Herb Blogging is back for another year and appropriately it's hosted by Kalyn at Kalyn's Kitchen.

To ease myself back into the swing of things after the holidays, I'll be making something simple with these delightful specimens.

japanese eggplant© by haalo

Japanese eggplants are the variety of slender, deep purple hued eggplants. They do tend to have a thinner skin and a sweeter taste when compared to their larger relatives.

Eggplants are high in soluble fibre which is helpful in lowering cholesterol and they also contain a phytochemical called monoterpene that could be useful in preventing the growth of cancer cells.

It should be noted that the eggplant is a member of the deadly nightshade family, however the toxins are contained in the fruit before maturity and in the plants stems and leaves.

For the recipe this week I'm combining the eggplants with chermoula and Gemello to create a tasty little nibble.

Eggplant Bites© by Haalo

Eggplant Bites
[Makes as many as you like]

Japanese Eggplants
Chermoula - I used the more basic version found here
Gemello - or your favourite soft cheese

Slice the eggplants into discs about 2cm/1 inch thick. Toss in a little olive oil and season with freshly ground salt.

Heat up a non-stick frypan and slowly sauté the eggplant slices until golden brown on both sides. Be careful not to overcook as you don't want them to become mushy. Drain on paper towels.

You can make these warm or cold, it's up to you.

Spoon a little chermoula onto each eggplant disc, top with a piece of Gemello and they are ready to serve.

Eggplant Bites© by Haalo

I said they were simple but they offer up a variety of tastes and textures in every mouthful. A perfect companion to a cool glass of Sangria or an ice-cold beer.


  1. Simply delightful! I love eggplant, all types... Do you think I can chargrill them for your recipe?

  2. Haalo, what a beautiful color these eggplants have, it's stunning!

    These bites look so delicious, and you're right, so many different flavours in such a tiny package!

    A great way to start off a dinner party, so while you finish the food your friends eat something delicious like this.

  3. Thanks Anh - yep char-grill would be perfect and add a nice smoky character. You could also pop the completed bites into the oven to get a little heat into the cheese and the chermoula.

    Thanks Patricia - they are just gorgeous looking eggplants. You really want a starter to get those tastebuds working and this really does the job.

  4. Just gorgeous. I've grown Japanese eggplants like this in my garden a few times. This is a perfect use for them. I must make some of that chermoula sauce!

  5. What a lovely way to use these gorgeous eggplants.

    I will find some cheese at the growers market tomorrow and give this recipe a try.

    Thanks Haalo.

  6. Thanks Kalyn - that's great that you've grown them. I hope you do try the Chermoula, it matches so wonderfully to so many foods.

    Thanks Karen - hope you find the goodies at the market!

  7. I don't think eggplant has ever looked so cute. Tasty, too!


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