Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Wine Blogging Wednesday #29

Fork and Bottle is hosting this edition of Wine Blogging Wednesday and it's theme is Biodynamic Wines.

Finding an appropriate wine wasn't too difficult and there seemed to be a good varietal range. For those living locally, Ripe The Organic Grocer in Prahran Market and Macro Wholefoods in Richmond are good places to seek out organic and biodynamic wine and spirits

The wine I've chosen is the Robinvale 2002 Zinfandel from Robinvale in the Murray Region of Victoria, about 470km north-west of Melbourne.


The wine comes in at 13% and was matured in French and American Oak.


In the glass it has a pleasant colour, perhaps a little lighter than I had expected for a Zinfandel. On the nose there's a lovely aroma of ripe berries. Taste, it's quite well balanced showing fruit and spice with an appealing creaminess. It's a lighter styled wine and very easy to drink.

Jack, in setting up this theme, stated his belief that what sets biodynamic wines apart are their "purity of fruit" and asked for our thoughts.

Good fruit is an important factor but I think probably of more importance is a passionate Winemaker who strives to get the best from their fruit - whether it be conventional, organic or biodynamic.

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  1. I've noticed the purity of fruit with quite a few biodynamic whites and pinot noirs. Perhaps the more oaked the wine is, the less you'd be able to notice a "purity of fruit" element.


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