Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Cheese: Yarra Valley Dairy

Another year, another cheese and I'm starting off in my home state and revisting Yarra Valley Dairy - head to this post for further information on the Dairy.


Yarra Valley Dairy Gemello is a fresh cheese made in traditional farmhouse style. It's unusual in that it's a blend of Goat (30%) and Cows (70%) milk. The result is a extremely white cheese that is semi soft.


If you are careful you should be able to slice the cheese but it's more suited to being broken into odd sized chunks that are just great for salads. You could also use this as a spread.

Tastewise, the goat imparts a subtle sharpness, a perfect foil to the creamy characters of the cows milk. I would class this as a great cheese to give to those that are new to goat cheese or are just looking for something a little subtle and mellow.

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  1. Haalo, I love your product review post. Because I can have a bit of information and try out myself. :)

  2. Haalo, I love this type of cheese and your review had me salivating at my desk. I only wish I lived closer to your "home" to be able to enjoy. I will have to search out something similar from a local dairy here in the greater Boston area.

  3. Thanks Anh - I'm really happy that these cheese posts are of interest and hopefully get people trying our local cheeses. You can get this one at the Yarra Valley Stall in Prahran Market.

    Thanks Breadchick - I would gladly share this cheese with you. Hopefully you'll find something similiar locally.


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