Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Cream - Elgaar Dairies


There's something about this gorgeous little bottle that I just can't resist - it's a true bonus that cream held within is so good.

This is the Elgaar Dairies Organic Table Cream - you might recall a few months back that I used their Double Cream for the ultimate act of dairy indulgence. Where that came in at a hefty 52% butterfat this comes in a more reasonable 38%.


You'll notice that as this isn't homogenised it does separate and the butterfat rises to the neck of the bottle - you'll have to give it a good shake to incorporate this (that's if you don't take a spoon and scoop it out for a quick hit - not that I would ever do that).

This is a good pure cream with no thickeners or gums added and I tend to use it when I want whipped cream for desserts - recently it topped the Australia Day Pavlova. There's no need to add any sugars to the cream as it naturally has a sweetness to it's taste.

If you like a little more information about Elgaar Dairies you can find it in this earlier post.

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