Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Cheese: Barossa Valley Cheese Company

You might recall the rather pretty label found on a cheese called La Petite Princesse, well here is it's other half


Cheese: Le Petit Prince Chèvre à Croûte Lavée (Washed Rind Goat Cheese)
Location: Cheese Cellar - 67B Murray Street, Angaston, South Australia

You might be able to work out the quote that's written on the side but if you don't it's by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry from The Fox and the Little Prince
It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important

This is quite the substantial block in the hand and one of the more pleasant aspects is to inhale deeply and enjoy the scent of this type of cheese. It's a clean, fresh smell just like walking into a cheese room.


Unwrapped you can immediately see the orange skin through the fine white mould.


It's quite an interesting type of patterning on the top and bottom - a quasi corrugation of sorts.


When sliced it's white curd confirms this is a goat cheese. It's still quite firm at this stage you can make out a bit of softness near the edges - keep in mind that this is basically straight out of the fridge - give it a little time to come to room temperature and it will continue to soften.


To best enjoy serve generous segments on roughly torn sourdough - this is a type of cheese that appreciates bread, please no wimpy water crackers for this one!


Other Barossa Valley Cheese Company tasted:
Goat Camembert (La Petite Princesse)
Washington Washrind

If you're interested in finding this cheese and live in Melbourne, I've found all three at Delicatess at Prahran Market.

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  1. If this cheese was available in my area, I would have bought it for its beauty and beause I love goat cheese of course but most of all for the quote of Le petit prince. Le petit prince is a book so dear to my heart and this line between the fox and le petit prince is my favorite. Thanks for sharing. Now I want to visit Australia just for this cheese.

  2. Used to love the Little Prince. Still do... Would love to taste this cheese. Thanks for telling us about it.


  3. Lovely looking cheese. Have to try it.

  4. That looks like a wonderful cheese! I do wish I was in Melbourne now so I could buy some! Sighhhhh.... :)

  5. Haalo, your descriptions are wonderful! I could almost smell and taste the cheese. Now I have to go and buy these to try... Are they available from Leo? Or I have to go to Prahran Market?

  6. Thanks Rose - it's a lovely quote and one in which you could substitute many things - I do wish you get to visit Australia sooner rather than later.

    Thanks Paz - if you're moving in next door I'll have this waiting for you!

    Hope you find it Squishy!

    It's a fabulous cheese Joey - I wish I could send you some.

    Thanks Anh - Leo's might have it since they do have a large range but I can't say with 100% certainly, if they don't have they would probably try to get it in for you.

  7. Certainly a fine example of Australian, Artisan cheesemaking expression. Nice work on picking it up and a true credit to the Barossa Cheesemakers talent.

  8. Just discovered your blog... it is making me seriously miss Melbourne. You can get some great stuff over here in London, but not everyone shares that foodie obsession which seems to unite Melbournians.

    I will definitely be checking in regularly!

  9. Thanks Steve - I've been impressed with the three cheeses that I've managed to find but boy I wish they would have some kind of web presence - the information is hard to find.

    Welcome Melbourne Dreaming - you certainly are living in one of the great cities. I just lust over Borough Market and wish we could get a fraction of the things that I saw over there. I hope you continue to enjoy this small taste of home.

  10. Gorgeous sounding cheese and again, such a cute label! :)
    If you ever come across Woodside's "Paisley Goat" cheese, you should get it also (if you haven't already, that is) - it's a blue goats cheese that's quite mild, utterly (udderly?) creamy and delicious... and I love the name.

  11. Thanks Y - I'll keep an eye out and see if I can find it. Woodside can be a bit flood or famine with supply here - it would be interesting to see how it compares to the Strzelecki Goat Blue.


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