Friday, April 13, 2007

Presto Pasta Night #7

It may be Friday the 13th but there's nothing spooky about this pasta. It's part of Presto Pasta Night hosted by Ruth from Once Upon a Feast.

I have been over-indulging in the good pasta over Easter, feasting on home-made Ravioli and Cappelletti so I've opted to make something a little lighter.

The pasta I've used is called Angel Curls and it looks a bit like a strand of spaghetti that has been twisted to form a long curl. The sauce is based on zucchini - instead of slicing or dicing, I've taken to them with a swivel peeler to get long, wafer thin slices. This shortens the cooking time but also gives an almost creamy like texture to the sauce as they cook down.

To add a bit more of a textural element I've also used fresh salmon. First searing the fillets on all sides but leaving them raw in the centre, I let these cool. When cold I break them up into uneven sized chunks. The fish is then introduced at the very end along with the pasta - this allows the salmon to warm through without over-cooking. As I've used fish I won't use any parmesan instead I'll sprinkle over with freshly chopped parsley.

angel curls

Angel Curls with Salmon and Zucchini
Serves 2

Angel Curls pasta or any long pasta such as spaghetti
1-2 pieces fresh Salmon or Ocean trout - I'll leave the exact amount of fish used to your personal taste but it's a good idea to use less than you think you'll need

1 red onion, sliced finely
2 garlic cloves, sliced finely
1 anchovy fillet, diced finely
2 medium zucchini, sliced lengthways as fine as possible, use a swivel peeler or mandolin
salt and freshly ground pepper
fresh parsley, chopped finely

Season the fish with salt and freshly ground pepper. Drizzle oil and a little butter into a fry-pan and when hot add the fish and quickly brown each side. Set aside and let this cool. You can do this in advance - just store them in the fridge.

Add a little oil and butter into a pan and when the butter has melted add the onion and anchovies - keep stirring to help dissolve the anchovies. The onions must cook slowly as we don't want them to get too much colour. When softened add the garlic slices and continue to cook over a gentle heat.

When you notice some colour in the onions add the zucchini, keep them moving and allow them to wilt and start to break down. Add some freshly chopped parsley and season with freshly ground pepper.

Take the salmon and break it up into rough chunks and when the pasta is cooked, add in the pasta and the salmon. Keeping the pan on the heat, toss the mixture well to ensure the ingredients are evenly distributed.

Serve immediately and sprinkle over with some more freshly chopped parsley.

It's quick, simple and fresh and quite good for you too!

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  1. What a beautiful dish and so fresh and light you don't have to worry about calories.

    I can't wait to make it. Moving to Halifax in a couple of weeks means very fresh Atlantic salmon every day of the week!!

    Thanks so much for being a great contributor to PPN

  2. This dish looks absolutely lovely! What a great choice of pasta too!

  3. Haalo, this pasta sounds great! I really need to get the fresh salmon to try it. And also the spelt flour for the bread, too. :)

  4. A perfect Friday night pasta!
    That's our fish night - both a holdover from childhood and it's market day - so it's fresh!
    I like the fact that you left it a bit pink in the center - the zucchini ribbons...

  5. Thanks Ruth - it's light but the way the zucchini break down gives it a creaminess. I don't how you manage to do all this and pack for the move - multi-tasking at its best!

    Thanks Truffle - I don't see it very often but it's nice for a change and does look very pretty.

    Thanks Anh - sounds like it's time for a big shop!

    Thanks Katie - friday or tuesdays are our fish days since that's when we go to the market. When it comes to salmon the worse thing you can do is overcook it.

  6. All my favorite ingredients are here! I've never had angel curls, though. I've got to try them now! Thanks!


  7. I love zucchini and salmon but have never thought of joining them - it looks delicious!

  8. Thanks Paz - I hope you find some they are a really interesting pasta!

    Thanks Patricia - it's a nice and light style that's great when you've had a bit too much ;)

  9. Cooking pink and green -- kind of like voodoo to bring on the spring, already. I've got this on my stovetop right now, just waiting for those pretty curly noodles to finish up.

  10. Hope you enjoyed it Lisa!

  11. I did -- it absolutely rocked. I usually never cut the zucchini in thin ribbons like that, and I don't know why, because it's really wonderful. This one's a keeper -- thanks!

  12. That's great Lisa - I'm really happy to hear that!


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