Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter 2007

CappelletiĀ© by haalo

No chocolate here but Easter just wouldn't be the same without making these wonderful cappelletti.

Best wishes to all, from my family to yours for a most Happy Easter!


  1. What are they??

    Happy easter btw :)

  2. I'd rather have pasta than chocolate anyway. Did you stuff yours with meat? I know there are different variations.

  3. these look wonderful, happy easter!

  4. Happy cooking, happy eating, happy Easter!

  5. Hi Ben - they are a filled pasta used in soups and no-one makes it better than my mother ;)

    Hi Susan - it's not even a competition when these are on offer. They are stuffed with a variety of different meats - all of which is a highly guarded family secret.

    Thanks Aria - Happy Easter to you!

    Happy Easter Trig - hope it's a wonderful one!

  6. Happy Easter!

    The capelettis looks a bit like peeps, too...

  7. what a wonderful sea of capelettis - this looks just wonderful. happy easter!

  8. What a wonderful sight! ;-)

    Happy Easter to one and all!


  9. Happy Easter, Haalo!

  10. They look delicious. They also look like an army of snails. Lock up your lettuces!

    Made your hot cross buns for Easter. Twice. Yum.

    Happy Easter!

  11. Hey there, Haalo, when I saw the photo on this post my first thought was that they were wantons, and I guess they are very similar, just flavoured differently. I'm sure they taste beautiful. Have a great Easter!

  12. Happy Easter to you Plume - cappelletti means little hats in italian.

    Thanks Myriam and I hope you had a wonderful Easter - we managed to make 333 of these!

    Thanks Paz and Haapy Easter!

    Happy Easter Ivonne!

    Thanks Lorena - happy to hear the hot cross buns were a success, seems a pity to wait until next easter to make some more ;)

    Hi Carol - wontons are a different beast to these and this photo doesn't really give you an idea of how small these are - think smaller than a 5 cent piece.

  13. I second lorena's comment. They DO look like cute little snails!

    Hope you're having a fantastic Easter!

  14. Haalo,

    Happy Easter! It's a little late, I know, but I mean it!

    These are wonderful - are we lucky enough to get the recipe?? ;)

  15. Cappelletti are a plant of Emilia Romagna, Italy. They are... delicious!

    This blog is very very chic and cool, in particular the space of cocktails.
    Japanese Slipper is my favourite drink, after Caipiroska.
    See you Baba, I'll return in this site.

  16. Thanks Y - I had a great Easter and hope you did too!

    Thanks Patricia - I don't even know the complete recipe to make these!

    Thank you so much Vainilla - they are from Emilia Romagna just like my Mother!

  17. how lovely. happy belated easter. i adore this photograph!

  18. I am a bit late but hope you had a wonderful easter. Your capelleti look gorgeous. is it a sweet one Haalo?

  19. Thanks Linda and a Happy Easter to you - i quite like this photo too, they look like they go on forever

    Thanks Valentina and I hope you Easter was fabulous - these are savoury ones, the filling is a mix of various roasted meats and they are served as a soup in a chicken broth.


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