Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Chinese Flower Tea

If your tea seems a bit ho-hum then perhaps these rather nondescript bundles might be just the thing for you.


After the application of hot water, it's hidden beauty is revealed


Much like Jasmine Pearls, the water causes the leaves to open and the bundle to unravel releasing the blossom. You should be able to brew 3 - 4 pots from each flower.

open flower

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  1. I got a bag of these flowering tea balls as a gift about almost two years ago - I still remember how excited I was!! Who would have thought that watching your tea infuse could be such fun:)

  2. Hi Pille - it certainly beats "jiggling and dangling"

  3. It certainly looks amazing, but the big question is what does it taste like?

    Hibiscus flower can be made into a really refreshing drink in much the same way, and it's great hot or cold. I used hibiscus in some canap├ęs I made at college last week, it turned out to be a great success. Hibiscus infusions also have great health benefits and are used for their medicinal properties in many parts of the world.

  4. There are different varieties, this was a green leaf tea with just a very subtle jasmine flavour - very soothing. I actually was tossing up between this and hibiscus though that might really have freaked you out ;)

  5. My mother would love this! Could you pretty please tell me where I can track these down?

  6. Wow, I have never seen that!

    How beautiful!

  7. I'd love to try this tea -- at least once! ;-)


  8. those are so cool! i'll have to look for them.

  9. Hi Ellie - this one comes from Prahran market from a store called Passionut - they sell loads of fresh tea and various different versions of these flowers. I believe T2 also sells similiar things and so does Larsen and Thompson which is available at Essential Ingredient and other stores.

    They are lovely Patricia and there are so many different types.

    I'd brew you a pot (or more) Paz!

    Hi Sara - they are a talking point, worse case if you can't find them from a good tea retailer, is to try amazon - they seem to have just about anything there.

  10. oh wow! these are so beautiful. i just saw these in a movie (marie antoinette)and have been searching all over for some.

  11. wow, it looks amazing!
    I should get this for my dad, he likes chinese tea..
    I'll make sure I make a trip down Prahran Market when I go Melb the week after... (if i can find my way there :P)

  12. Hi Aria - they are very beautiful and fascinating to watch. If you can't find them locally then one of the specialist on-line tea stores will be sure to have them.

    Thanks Swee - if you like your tea then a visit to T2 would be a must. Enjoy your trip to Melbourne!

  13. hey such a wonderful thing:) thanks for sharing:) ...loved your blog, pics and explanations are tooo good:)


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