Thursday, April 26, 2007

Cheese: Woodside Cheese Wrights

It's back to South Australia to sample a most interesting cheese from Woodside Cheese Wrights.


Cheese Maker: Woodside Cheese Wrights
Cheese Type: Vigneron
Location: Woodside, Adelaide Hills, South Australia
Retail Outlet: 7 Henry Street, Woodside, South Australia
Open: Monday - Sunday: 10am - 4pm

As mentioned in an earlier post, Woodside is now owned by Coriole Vineyards and this cheese is very much a product of that relationship.

From the label we are told
This cheese is the result of a challenge from the winemaker at Coriole Vineyards "make us a vigneron's cheese" he said. We gently wash the cheese in Adelaide Hills Chardonnay and wrap it in vine leaves selected from the vineyard

This is a white mould goats' milk cheese.


There's quite an earthy scent coming from this cheese with an undertone of piquancy from the vine-leaf. Appearance wise, it's certainly one that will be sure to gain attention.


Inside, it has that typical goat cheese "whiteness" - this still has a couple of weeks to go to reach peak maturation. The centre is quite creamy but mild and as you move out the flavours develop - the vine-leaf adds a sharp, acidic quality which cuts across the creamy core. I would class this as a cheese for the more adventurous.


  1. I really enjoy these cheese reviews. Can I ask where you usually buy your cheeses?

    Wonderful photos and what lovely packaging!

  2. Thanks Truffle - there's quite a few places where I find the cheese and they include
    Prahran Market in particular Delicatess, Organic Elements and Ripe
    Macro Wholefoods
    Leo's Supermarket in Kew
    Farmers' Markets for Holy Goat, Red Hill, Locheilan Farmhouse and I think it's Maffra Cheese

    Some of the cheese from the larger dairies like King Island, Timboon and Jindi can be found in normal supermarkets.

    Hope that helps!

  3. Oh, this makes my mouth water!

  4. Hope that helps!

    Oh good lord it most certainly doesn't. But I can at least read and drool and make mental notes. I mean, I'm in NYC, home of all sorts of lovely cheese. It's not like I've nothing to choose from over here. But you make them look so luscious... talk about the grass being greener.

  5. Thanks Haalo, that was really helpful! I was just reading your review of Tarago River's Shadows of Blue. I love their Jensen's Washed Rind so will have to give the blue a try soon!

  6. Hi Heather - it does have that effect.

    Hi Lisa - I can well understand the sentiment, there's so many things I must lust silently over as I know they will never reach these shores but I still enjoy finding out what they are in the off-chance I might one day try them.

    Happy to help Truffle - the shadows of blue is a great cheese I do hope you get to try it - do let me know what you think of it.


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