Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Cheese from Gaspar-Vieira

One of the things I enjoyed most in Paris was visiting Place Maubert Market and in particular, being able to indulge in cheese. These three cheeses are from the Gaspar-Vieira stall.

Gaspar-Vieira Cheese© by Haalo

1. Cabécou de Caussade
Cabécou de Caussade© by Haalo
A goat's milk cheese made using lactic fermentation rather than rennet - a butter-yellow thin rind with soft white markings which when cut reveals

Cabécou de Caussade© by Haalo
an inner core of white. There's quite a refreshing tang to this cheese that balances its creaminess.

2. Bouchon Lyonnais
Bouchon Lyonnais© by Haalo
Another goat's cheese - presented as a small cylinder - firm to the touch, it has a thin rind - when cut it also reveals and lighter inner core.

Bouchon Lyonnais© by Haalo
As it ages, the cheese gets harder - once again this uses lactic fermentation.

3. Valcrest St-Marcellin

A cow's milk cheese made in the Dauphine province - it has a soft interior and a slightly sticky exterior which shows a delicate white mould over a cream rind.

This unfortunately was devoured way too quickly for me to get any photos of the interior.

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