Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Beulet Petit Reblochon

While I found some great cheese at the Paris markets, the supermarkets also proved to be a good spot to find interesting cheese.

Beulet Petit Reblochon© by Haalo

Reblochon comes from Savoie and Haute-Savoie and has AOC status. It is a washed rind and smear ripened cheese made using raw cows milk. This is a Petit Reblochon because of its size - around 250 grams.

Beulet Petit Reblochon© by Haalo

Even if you didn't realise this was a washed rind cheese, as soon as you begin to unwrap it, you'd start to smell those telltale aromas - once fully unwrapped that distinctive orange rind would leave you in no doubt.

Beulet Petit Reblochon© by Haalo

If I was staying in Paris longer I'd probably give this cheese a week before opening it to make sure it's at its prime but even at this stage it is a pretty good cheese. Creamy, nutty and when left at room temperature, soft and sticky.

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