Thursday, September 22, 2011

Crostini Con Lardo

While my first purchase in Italy was a coffee and my second was a black truffle my third purchase was the irresistible Lardo.

Lardo© by Haalo

It is hard to explain the attraction to what is basically pork fat cured with a little herbs and spices but the first time you eat it is an incredible experience. First, its the purity of the flavours, the herbs highlight the sweetness of the meat and then it starts to dissolve in the heat of your mouth leaving you wanting more of that wonderful flavour.

To serve lardo, you go the very simple option and just curl it around good rustic grissini but I like to serve it on warm crostini - it's a perfect accompaniment to a good Italian (preferably Piedmontese) red.

Crostini con Lardo© by Haalo

Crostini con Lardo

Lardo, very finely sliced
Focaccia, cut into slices a little shorter than the lardo

Both the Lardo and the Focaccia I'm using come from Piedmonte where I'm currently staying so I think they work well together.

Toast the focaccia until lightly golden.

Carefully drape a slice of lardo over each slice of toasted focaccia - if the focaccia isn't warm then quickly place it under a grill for a few seconds and then serve at once.

Crostini con Lardo© by Haalo

With a glass of good red, good company and a sunset like this, life really doesn't get much better.

Sunset© by Haalo


  1. Lardo is truly a wonderful thing! I recently had salmon wrapped in lardo when out to eat. It may have been the best thing I have ever eaten.

  2. A very interesting shopping list, dear Haalo.

  3. I had lardo in Italy 6 years ago. Beautiful. Do you think you can source the ingredients, spices, herbs as I would like to make it this winter in Australia.

  4. Lovely!! All of it!
    Piemonte is beautiful, and in this season even more.
    I prefer white wines, specially the Franciacorta Prosecco, but I do agree that a glass of red wine is perfect with the crostini con lardo.
    Enjoy Italy, dear Haalo.

  5. Emily we need to start a Lardo Appreciation Society!

    Thanks Simona - you can tell I was walking down the main street!

    Hi Miranda - Not sure what state you are from but I know there are people like the chef at Osteria La Passione that makes his own lardo so it is possible to do it in Australia. You'll need pork back fat and spice wise it's salt,pepper and rosemary.

    Thanks Brii - it's been a bit warm but still very beautiful and the produce is just incredible. I really don't want to leave


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