Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ravioli del Plin con Tartufo Bianco

Besides tajarin, the other most famous pasta of this region are the Ravioli del Plin.

ravioli di plin© by Haalo

These usually have a meat based filling - it can be a combination of roasted meats such as veal, chicken, beef and pork - and you will sometimes see these made with spinach pasta.

The name "plin" means pinched and this refers to the pinching action required to make this unusual shape. I would have loved to try making them myself but three things stopped me - one, I am supposedly on holidays, two, I really don't have the appropriate facilities in this apartment and three, I can get these from an artisan pasta store that makes them fresh!

You'll most commonly find these served simply with "burro and salvia" - butter and sage sauce but if you're here in the right part of the year, you can get one of these

Alba White Truffle© by Haalo

and serve them with white truffles - which is exactly what I've done!

Ravioli del Plin con Tartufo Bianco© by Haalo

Ravioli del Plin con Tartufo Bianco - 
Ravioli del Plin with White Truffle
[Serves 2 greedy people]

300 grams fresh Ravioli del Plin
Alba White Truffle

Even though this is an extremely simple dish to make, when you are using something as special as a white truffle, try to use the best quality ravioli and butter you can find.

These ravioli when fresh are very quick to cook - as always cook them in boiling salted water and they are pretty much cooked when they rise to the surface - this shouldn't take any longer than a couple of minutes.

You'll be dressing the pasta in a butter sauce - I've again used Beppino Occelli as it comes from this region - I've heated it slowly and gently until it has melted and has just started to get some colour. Take it off the heat at this stage and ideally you'll have time it so that the Ravioli are cooked.

Drain the ravioli and toss them through the butter - the one thing I've noticed here are that the pasta dishes are quite dry - you won't find pasta swimming in bowls of butter or any of the other sauces they use. There's just enough to lightly coat but not drown.

At this stage, place the pasta into two bowls and finely shave the white truffle over each bowl.

Ravioli del Plin con Tartufo Bianco© by Haalo

Best to serve this immediately but you'll find it hard not to take a moment and just breathe in the fantastic aroma lifting from the plate.

It's been a while between Presto Pasta Nights for me so I'm sending this off to Kirsten of From Kirsten's Kitchen to Yours who's hosting this week.


  1. Once again, I am very jealous! =) Must get to Italy during truffle season someday.

  2. You must Joy - it's a wonderful time to be here!

  3. What a glorious dish to share with Presto Pasta Nights. Welcome back and I hope you plan on sharing lots more pasta with us soon.

  4. Wow, fresh truffles!!! I've only gotten black truffles recently. My first time to eat them, but like I've know about truffles since I majored in plant pathology. It was expensive here in Thailand, but stupid me, I mistook the price and thought it cheap. Should learn to read in Thai, I know. But the experience of eating it is worth it! Dream come true. I still have 2 more black truffles...

  5. My dream is to try fresh truffles at some point and this is the perfect recipe for it.

  6. Thanks Ruth - certainly hope to join in more frequently!

    The price will be worth it Gay - the memories are priceless!

    Thanks Food Hunter - hope you get to find some!


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