Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cheese: 180 Acres

This next cheese has been sitting, languishing in a unfinished post for a little while now - the problem, a total absence of information on this particular cheese-maker. Thanks to a small paragraph in the local paper I now know that Andrew Gray from food distributor Raw Materials is the person responsible.


To be honest, this is one cheese I've bought in spite of it's label but I'd be missing out on quite a good Chèvre if I had succumbed to my initial reaction.


Removed from it's wrapping, it has a moist exterior but isn't particularly soft - handling it isn't a problem.


When slicing it will tend to crumble in what I'd class as relatively large shards - similar in fact to both the Udder Delights and Westhaven Chèvre.

Tastewise, it's nicely balanced with a bit of tang (I noted a slight lemon flavour) and a good creamy mouth-feel and worked quite well in a revisit of my roasted mushroom dish.


  1. Haalo! seriously,You are tempting me. You want me to take the next flight to australia and come live with you and all your goat cheeses?

  2. I love goat cheese...I look for any excuse to use it...:)

  3. Haalo, you described the cheese so well. Now I feel like making goat cheese tart...

  4. What lovely looking goat's cheese! And excellent idea to put it with roasted mushrooms (don't know how I I managed to miss seeing that post when you published it!)

    Have you tried goat's cheese and apricot jam on toast?


    P.S. I'm curious. What is it about the label that made you not want to buy the cheese?

  5. Rose, you are most welcome and then with another cheese lover in the house I can buy more cheese!

    Excellent Chris - goat cheese has such a great unique flavour.

    Save me a piece Nora!

    Thanks Elizabeth - I haven't had apricot jam but I do have quince paste with goat cheese. My initial reaction to the label was that it seemed really hokey and a bit amateurish - a plain label without the photo would look a whole lot better.

  6. Dear Haalo,

    Wow - Much needed input on cheese...With so many varities of cheese in the market and so many dishes in which we use it we are always wondering what we should use and where. Great that you have shared this information with us. Expect more of this on other items:).

  7. Thank you Pritya - there are so many cheeses it seems a shame not to focus on them in more detail. Glad you are enjoying the series!


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