Thursday, May 31, 2007

They Go Really Well Together #2

When Tara from Should You Eat that? informed me of a new event she was hosting called They Go Really Well Together...let's say I was intrigued. You can tell by the logo that this is a more unusual type of event.

The ingredients for the month are Banana and Parsley and the objective is to create a dish that uses both these ingredients.

I must say this had me stumped for a while due to the quite strong flavour of parsley and how it could ever partner with banana. My solution came in not using the parsley for it's flavour but for it's chlorophyll!

Once I had that fixed in my mind then finding a way to incorporate it was an easier task. Chlorophyll is sensitive to heat so I decided to make the most of that and add it to a banana ice-cream. The ice-cream would taste like banana but to look at it you'd think it was mint or even green tea - if anything, because of the colour shift in a blind tasting, the flavour of banana is enhanced because you aren't expecting it.

The process of making Chlorophyll is described in this post.

green ice-cream

Green Banana Ice-Cream

200 grams soft, ripe bananas, cut into chunks
350 grams sheeps milk yoghurt
250 mls milk
130 grams caster sugar

Place the banana, yoghurt and caster sugar into a blender and process until smooth. Pour this out into and bowl and add the milk - whisk this until it's well combined then store, covered, in the fridge until very cold.

Follow manufacturers instructions and pour into your ice-cream maker to churn - it should take about 20 minutes. Transfer into a freezer proof container and allow to set in the freezer.


I suppose I should add that the ice-cream succeeded - Chlorophyll successfully provided the colour-shift I had wanted and if I had desired I could have made it even "greener". I look forward to having a bit of fun in confusing people with it.

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  1. Haalo,

    I would never be able to take part in this event. Too difficult for me. :)

    But you did in grand style - I love your creation!

  2. Wow! Seems very scientific, which fits in well with the event... Does the flavour of the parsley come through in the chlorophyll? or is it purely for the colour? It looks beautiful nonetheless, can I come over and try some? haha!

  3. Thanks Patricia - I'm sure you would have thought of something.

    Thanks Tara - chlorophyll is fairly tasteless so it's used as a natural colouring.

  4. I would never thought of banana and parsley ice cream but then you are Haalo and your blog isn't called like this for nothing.Looks delicious Haalo.

  5. Wow - how incredibly creative!! I think I would have a hard time with this combination, but you did wonderful!!

  6. Wow - you took the inspiration for this even and really ran with it! I bow to your big brains!! ;) Looks great!

  7. wow....cholorophyll?? You are certainly creative!

  8. What a very clever thing to do! I love the idea that the banana is enhanced due to the unexpectedness.

  9. cholorophyll, great idea! Finally, there is something that I can do with my huge curley parsley bush. It seems to grow and grow no matter what the weather is...yet my coriander plant is struggling to survive.

  10. Had you thought about Plantains? Think Jamaica: coconut milk, citrus, fried plantain, garlic, and parsley. Maybe some protein thrown in, to counteract all that starch?


  11. Thanks Rose - my blog name does present a challenge ;)

    Thanks Deborah!

    Thanks Katie - my big brain thanks you too ;)

    Thanks Nabeela!

    Thanks Emma - it's a bit of fun.

    Thanks Nora - I'm sure you'll enjoy experimenting with cholorophyll especially when you have an abundant supply of parsley.

    Hi Davimack - plaintains had crossed my mind but I didn't think using them would really be in the spirit of the event.

  12. AnonymousJune 02, 2007

    Great idea! I love that resulting shade of green. Have you managed to fool anyone with it yet?

  13. Thanks Y - I did surprise Paalo but hopefully I'll have a couple more victims over the weekend.


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