Friday, May 18, 2007

Presto Pasta Night #12

For a change, I'll be making a very traditional recipe for this edition of Presto Pasta Night hosted by the doyen of Pasta, Ruth from Once Upon a Feast.

The pasta I'll be using is a speciality from Liguria called Trofie


it's a little unusual as it's made without egg - it's just flour (usually a mix of durum wheat and semolina), salt and water and is the perfect choice to those that are new to pasta making. There's no complicated rolling and it's simply shaped in the palms of your hands, the action results in it's interesting shape.

Naturally enough, if making any type of pasta just seems a bit too ambitious then you can find it as a dried pasta.

Since it comes from Liguria it makes perfect sense that it's matched to that other Ligurian speciality, pesto and when you think about quick pasta ideas, then pesto must be the perfect choice.

I like to make Pesto as I need it and in the time it takes for the pasta to cook, the pesto can be made. As I said in an earlier post, make it in small quantities and make it often, that way you experience it at it's most fragrant. You can store it under oil but I find that even after a few hours it's will have lost some of it's initial impact.

You can head back to this post to find out how I make pesto - naturally enough you can use your own favourite pesto.


Trofie al Pesto/Trofie with Pesto

Trofie pasta
freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano

Once the pasta has cooked strain it but set aside a little of the cooking water - place the pasta in a bowl and add a few spoonfuls of Pesto along with a little freshly grated Parmesan. Toss this adding a little cooking water to slacken the pesto if it looks a little too thick and then serve in bowls, sprinkled with a little extra Parmesan.


It's quick and tasty - what more could you ask for?

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  1. Wow, perhaps this will be my first attempt at making pasta from scratch. And the added bonus - I can use wholewheat flour (I'm on South Beach which doesn't like white flours very much).

    As usual, it's a treat to have your stunning photos and tasty dishes for Presto Pasta Night.

  2. Those are nice photos! For a variation, consider adding string beans and potatoes, this is also very Ligurian. :)

  3. Beautiful dish Haalo! I am in the mood for pesto and your recipe is such an inspiration! :)

  4. SNIFF! so close yet so far! why is it that we can't just lick off our screen to have a taste this gorgeous, mouthwatering pasta???

  5. Haalo, this pasta shape is fabulous! I love it!

    You won't believe it, but I've never had pesto... I'm giving it a try soon and your recipe will be great inspiration!

  6. Thanks Ruth, it's always a pleasure to be involved. Hope you have fun with the pasta!

    Thanks Sara - when I was writing the post I had the intention to include the bean and potato variation but I just forgot, thanks for the reminder!

    Thanks Anh - it's comfort food for a rainy day like today.

    Oh Rose, I wish! There's so many times I wished I could devour things straight from the day!

    Thanks Patricia - one taste of Pesto will get you hooked especially one that you have made yourself, you'll find yourself adding it to all sorts of things.

  7. AnonymousMay 18, 2007

    This is one of my favourite dishes. My mother in law is from Genova and she makes it with the french beans and potatoes!! My basil plant is growning on the window sill as we speak in preparation for my forth coming pesto making!!!

  8. It sure does look tasty :) And this is the 1st time I'm seeing such uniquely-shaped pasta.

  9. Hi Lorraine - how lovely to have the authentic version straight from a local. It must be the best!

    Thanks Angie - every piece looks slightly different, makes it a bit more interesting from the norm.


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