Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cheese: Holy Goat

I first had the chance to sample this next cheese back in November at the Slow Food Farmers' Market - unfortunately as it was only a one-off at the time I really couldn't post about it.

It was indeed a happy moment when at the recent market, the cheese is now in commercial production and when you see them you'll know why I loved them at first sight.


Cheese Maker - Holy Goat
Cheese Type - Piccolo
Location - Sutton Grange Organic Farm, Victoria


Sold in a rather uninspiring but practical plastic container, 10 to a box, are these thimble-sized goat cheese bites.


Only weighing around 6 grams (0.2 ounces) they are resplendent in a soft,white mould which tends to become fuzzier the longer they sit.


Besides just eating them as is, they are the perfect size to stuff into zucchini flowers - something I hopefully will be able to repeat come the flower season.

Other Holy Goat Cheese tasted:
Holy Goat Fromage Frais
Holy Goat Mature Skyla
Holy Goat Mature Veloute
Holy Goat Ripe Pandora


  1. I so much enjoy your cheese posts, and I must thank you because as someone who dabbles in home cheesemaking it can be difficult to find production information on certain styles. I've used your tasting notes and photographs as a resource when making crottin and cabecou styles (I love Holy Goat, and so miss Indigo). VB

  2. Thank you VB - I've popped over to have a look at your cheese making experiments, I'm impressed and look forward to seeing your future endeavours. I do sympathise with your problem on the lack of information, it's frustrating.

  3. I was loitering around in maling road Canterbury the other day when I found a cheese shop I did not know existed. They have the Holy goat range including the piccolos.

  4. Hi Eric - La Bergerie is a great cheese shop and good to see that they are selling the piccolos!


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