Thursday, May 03, 2007

Cheese: Milawa Cheese Company

We head to the north-east of the state - an area well known for it's wine, it's also home to the Milawa Cheese Company. Founded in 1988, in the old Milawa Butter Factory, they follow traditional farmhouse methods which include using non-animal rennets and no preservatives.

The cheese I'm showing today is a seasonal one, the Milawa Goat Camembert

goat camembert

Cheese Maker: Milawa Cheese Company
Cheese Type: Goat Camembert
Location: Factory Road, Milawa Victoria
Cheese Tasting Room - 7 days 9am-5pm
There is also a Bakery and Restaurant on site.


When you hold this cheese still in it's wrapper you'll be able to feel it's softness, very similar in feel to the Udder Delights Goat Camembert.

It's important to let the cheese come to temperature as that will dispel the ammonia scent coming off the cheese. As you unwrap you'll notice that the the white mould is still active and some areas will appear quite furry. It's an excellent sign as it means the cheese is alive and maturing.


This is truly the type of cheese that I love - slicing through the rind and that wonderful molten and sticky core begins to ooze out.


It's almost elastic. Between these two photos, you can make out that the cheese is soft to the core - it is at it's peak to eat.


The cheesemaker notes the taste as follows
a marriage of spicy and salty flavours with a hint of mushrooms
I can only concur. It's nicely in balance, the rind brings in those mild mushroom flavours, the cheese is low in acidity with excellent mouth feel.

I must make mention that unlike so many cheese-makers they have an excellent website where you can find out more.


  1. I was just there on Sunday - great cheese Are you going to Bright? You must try Simone's and the brewery there.

  2. Haalo! I am licking my screen right now. I am really really jealous. I wish we had this kind of cheese in where I live. My kind of camembert.

  3. Hi Ed - we had planned to go to Bright last year but the bushfires had other ideas. We must return as it's a great area.

    Thanks Rose - we share a common love, there's not much that can beat the sight of an oozing camembert.


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